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Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty Launches New Body Care Line That Offers "Comfort" During Tough Times

Lifestyle January, 11, 2024

Selena Gomez in a recent exclusive interview with PEOPLE shared exciting news about expanding her Rare Beauty brand. She's introducing a new collection called Find Comfort focusing on body care. This line includes four unique products: a fragrance mist body lotion hand lotion and an aromatherapy pen. What makes this collection stand out is its aim to promote self-acceptance and the joy of feeling good without the pressure of perfect routines.

Selena's message is clear and relatable. She wants people to find happiness and comfort in their skin emphasizing that beauty routines don't have to be complicated or flawless to be effective. This approach is refreshing and much needed in today's world where there's often a lot of pressure to look perfect.

The Find Comfort collection is more than just body care products; it's about embracing and celebrating oneself as is. Selena's initiative with this line is a gentle reminder that taking care of ourselves should be a joyful and stress-free experience.

Fans Have Been Asking for This

Gomez shared that she has loved body products for a long time and fans have been asking for Rare Beauty's take on them since the company launched more than three years ago. Find Comfort delivers light textures calming aromas and soothing packaging colors to create an experience that helps people feel comfortable in their skin and "take a moment to find comfort."

A Fragrant Range

The Find Comfort collection features a Body and hair Fragrance Mist which is infused with biotin to add shine and biotin. Its formula has notes of jasmine petals lemon zest and cashmere wood that Gomez says helps her to "disconnect from everyday stresses." The Hydrating Body Lotion is fast-absorbing and enriched with niacinamide which supports healthy-looking and glowing skin. The Hydrating Hand Cream is rich and non-greasy and the bottle is designed to twist open with one hand to prevent losing the cap. The Stop & Soothe Aromatherapy Pen features peppermint lavender and tonka bean aromatherapy oils that help "de-stress and decompress."

Availability and Launch

Starting December 18 there's something special happening for makeup lovers! The Find Comfort collection will be available but there's a catch – it's only on the Sephora app at first. This means if you've got the app you're in luck! You get the first chance to check out these new products. It's like getting a VIP pass to a concert!

But don't worry if you don't have the app. The very next day on December 19 the collection will also be on Sephora.com and RareBeauty.com. So you can easily find it online. And for those who love walking into a store and seeing things up close there's good news too. 

From December 26 you can find the Find Comfort collection in Sephora stores. It's like waiting for Christmas morning – a little bit of patience and then you can enjoy the excitement of new makeup! This rollout plan makes sure everyone gets a chance to explore and buy these products in the way they like best.

Gomez's Inspiration

Selena Gomez known for her talent in music and acting has now ventured into the world of beauty with her Find Comfort collection. This line is born out of her love for body products. Gomez understands how small things like a soothing lotion or a refreshing body wash can make a big difference in our day especially during stressful times. She hopes that this collection will bring a sense of comfort and relaxation to those who use it.

Her idea is simple yet thoughtful: in a world where everyone is always busy and often stressed having a little something to help unwind can be a real treat. Gomez wants her collection to be that special something. 

Whether it's a calming scent or a moisturizing cream each product in the Find Comfort collection is designed to help people feel good in their skin. Gomez's initiative shows her commitment not just to beauty but to wellness and self-care making her line more than just beauty products; it's about nurturing the mind and body.

Self-Care and Stress Management Tips From Gomez

When asked what self-care looks like to her these days Gomez shares that it varies depending on how much time she has. She finds comfort in spending time with family and friends lighting candles taking a bath or just cuddling with her dogs. When faced with stressful situations she takes a minute to sit down breathe and gather her thoughts.

Beauty Philosophy and Mental Health

Since Rare Beauty launched in 2020 Gomez's beauty philosophy has remained the same: emphasis on self-acceptance. She is using the brand to challenge unrealistic standards of perfection in the beauty industry and create positive conversations about mental health. She hopes to play a part in breaking the stigma around mental health and mental illness making these discussions more open and widely accepted.

Gaining Insight as a Beauty Entrepreneur

Launching Rare Beauty has been a gift for Gomez personally and professionally. One of the most significant things she's learned so far is the importance of flexibility as things don't always go as planned. She also values feedback from customers as it helps Rare Beauty in crafting a more thoughtful and relevant roadmap.

The Power of Scent

Gomez has been a fan of fragrances for a long time. One of the earliest memories she recalls is feeling comforted by essential oils from a friend. She dabbed an oil behind her ears before important events and found relief. This experience has informed Gomez's creation of Find Comfort's Stop & Soothe Aromatherapy Pen offering a quick and easy way for anyone to find a moment of comfort wherever they might be.

Gomez is Feeling "Really Happy" Lately

In a separate exclusive interview with PEOPLE Gomez shared that she's been feeling "really happy" lately having overcome "years of constant back and forth in my head." She's grateful to be in a good place personally and professionally and is looking forward to what's next.

Bringing Rare Beauty to New Heights

Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty is more than just another celebrity-branded makeup company with a growing line of products that aims to empower inspire and offer comfort when we need it most. With the new Find Comfort collection Gomez has once again demonstrated her commitment to creating a positive impact on people's lives. Rare Beauty's unique philosophy of self-acceptance coupled with its impressive beauty products positions it to become an even stronger force for change in the years to come.