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Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Look Stunning on Anyone But You Premiere Red Carpet

Lifestyle January, 16, 2024

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell recently made a dazzling appearance on the red carpet and it was for an extraordinary occasion. They were at the world premiere of their latest movie "Anyone But You" and they certainly turned heads with their style. The event was held at the AMC Lincoln Square a popular spot in New York City known for big movie events.

Imagine the excitement and buzz in the air as they arrived. The lights from cameras flashing people eager to catch a glimpse of the stars and the glamorous setting of the red carpet – it must have been an amazing sight. Both Sydney and Glen looked fantastic and their presence added an extra sparkle to the event. 

It's always exciting to see actors from a movie come together especially at a premiere. It's like the big reveal of a project they've worked so hard on. For fans of movies and these actors seeing them at such an event is a real treat. 

Glam Game Going Strong

Sydney Sweeney 26 stunned in a Miu Miu embellished sheath gown. The dress was made of translucent nude fabric and was adorned with rows of crystals. Her look was completed with Fred Leighton onyx and diamond pendant platinum earrings platinum twin old European cut diamond ring a platinum oval rose cut diamond ring and a black waist belt. Her makeup was soft and her hair was styled in a loose bun.

Glen Powell 35 looked equally dashing in a navy blue-gray suit jacket and trousers paired with a white undershirt and black loafers.

Arm-in-Arm Around Town

Before they dazzled everyone on the red carpet Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell were seen enjoying a casual walk around the city. They looked relaxed and happy walking arm-in-arm like good friends do. It's nice to see movie stars just hanging out almost like anyone else.

Glen Powell was dressed in a sharp blue outfit. It's easy to picture him looking smart and stylish in blue which is such a cool and classic color. Sydney Sweeney on the other hand chose a chic black mini dress. Black dresses are always in style and she must have looked great in her preppy choice. It's fun to imagine them walking through the city blending in yet standing out with their fashion choices. These moments before the big event give us a glimpse of their style which is always interesting.

Strictly Platonic Chemistry

Although Sweeney is engaged to Jonathan Davino her on-screen chemistry with Powell is undeniable. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight Powell raved about his costar saying "A great rom-com doesn't survive without great chemistry and Sydney is the easiest person to have chemistry with. I mean immediately it was like we'd known each other forever and I think anybody that's been on the set realizes I never get tired of talking to Sydney."

Powell also shared that they "make each other laugh" and he finds Sweeney to be "one of the most talented actresses we have."

Sweeney on Filming Anyone But You

In a May interview with PEOPLE magazine Sydney Sweeney opened up about her time filming "Anyone But You" with Glen Powell. She had some really sweet things to say about working with him. Sweeney described Powell as her "fellow camp counselor adventure extraordinaire and goofball." It sounds like they had a blast together like two best friends at summer camp.

Sweeney shared that their time on set was filled with non-stop laughter. Imagine being at work and laughing all day long – that's how it was for them. She said "It was just laughter 24-7. We were just having a great time every day." It's clear that this wasn't just another job for her; it was a genuinely enjoyable experience. Sweeney is excited for the movie to be released and her enthusiasm is contagious. It's like when you can't wait to show your friends something cool you've done – that's how she feels about this movie.

Movie Details

"Anyone But You" is a delightful romantic comedy that's sure to capture the hearts of its audience. The movie spins a unique tale about a young woman who humorously believes she's allergic to love bringing a fresh twist to the romance genre. Directed by the talented Nick Kreiss the film promises a blend of humor warmth and relatable moments.

The cast is a mix of talent and charisma featuring MATTIA Juliette Lewis and Punkie Johnson alongside the leads. Their performances are expected to add depth and laughter to the story. The movie made its way to theaters on December 22 just in time for the holiday season making it a perfect choice for a cozy feel-good movie outing. "Anyone But You" is more than just a romantic comedy; it's a film about the quirks of love and the journey to finding happiness in unexpected places. With its charming plot and engaging cast it's poised to be a hit with audiences looking for a light-hearted and entertaining cinema experience.

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A Final Word

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell recently lit up the red carpet with their dazzling fashion choices and unmistakable on-screen chemistry. Their appearance was for the much-anticipated world premiere of "Anyone But You." Sydney was the epitome of glamour while Glen looked dashing making them a picture-perfect duo. Their interaction with each other and the cameras captured everyone's attention hinting at the fantastic chemistry they share on screen.

The buzz around "Anyone But You" has been growing steadily with fans and movie enthusiasts eagerly awaiting its release. The excitement at the premiere was a clear indicator that this film is expected to be a big hit with audiences. The combination of Sydney and Glen's talents along with an intriguing storyline has created a lot of interest. Their red carpet appearance added to the anticipation showcasing the dynamic they bring to the film. This movie with its blend of romance and comedy is shaping up to be a must-watch promising to entertain and charm viewers.