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Soldier Saves Woman From Burning Car, Shields Her From Shrapnel

Inspiring January, 04, 2024

Staff Sergeant Cory Hinkle's act of heroism in Charlotte North Carolina is a story that touches the heart. This brave soldier who served in Iraq was on his way home from the National Guard base when he saw a terrible car accident happen right before his eyes. A head-on collision had just occurred and he knew he had to act fast.

Without a second thought for his safety Hinkle rushed to the burning car. Inside he found a woman trapped and in desperate need of help. His military training and combat experience kicked in allowing him to stay calm under pressure. Hinkle's courageous actions that day didn't just show his bravery; they also highlighted his selflessness. He put his life on the line to save someone else a true testament to his character.

This story is more than just about a soldier's bravery; it's a reminder of the extraordinary acts of kindness and courage that ordinary people are capable of in times of crisis. Hinkle's heroism serves as an inspiration to us all showing that we have the power to make a difference in others' lives even in the most dangerous situations.

Heroic Act of Bravery

Hinkle in a moment of real courage didn't think twice before rushing to help after a car accident. Picture this: two cars had crashed and one was smoking which is a scary sight. Amidst all this Brandy Guin the driver of the smoking car was in trouble. She had broken her ankle which must have been painful and scary for her. She couldn't get out of her car on her own.

That's when Hinkle stepped in like a hero from a movie. He went straight towards the danger not caring about the smoke or the risk to himself. He helped Brandy out of her car with great care making sure she wasn't hurt more. Then he moved her to the side of the road away from any more danger. Hinkle's quick action and kindness in such a scary situation is something truly admirable.

Shielding From Shrapnel

When the fire started getting worse after the car crash it turned into a really dangerous situation. The car's shocks which are parts of the car that help it ride smoothly began to explode because of the heat. This caused hot pieces of metal and other stuff to fly all around. It must have been like being in the middle of a fireworks show but way scarier.

In the middle of all this chaos Corporal Hinkle did something incredibly brave. He stood in front of Ms. Guin the lady with the broken ankle to protect her from all the flying debris. He told her "It’s going to have to go through me to get to you." That's like something a superhero would say! He was ready to take any hit to keep her safe.


In the middle of his heroic act Hinkle got hurt too. A piece of debris flying around because of the exploding car shocks hit his ankle. Imagine how much that must have hurt! But even with this injury Hinkle didn't think about himself first. His main concern was making sure Ms. Guin was safe. This shows just how selfless and brave he is.

It's like when someone is more worried about their friend getting wet in the rain than themselves. Hinkle's actions go beyond just being brave; they show a kind of courage that's all about helping others no matter what it costs him. His dedication to protecting Ms. Guin even when he was hurt is a powerful example of true heroism.

Life-Saving Act

Ms. Guin a mother of two was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. She believes that thanks to Hinkle's heroic act she is alive today. “I will forever be indebted to him. He’s a true hero” Ms. Guin said afterward.

Praise From Public

The community has responded with overwhelming admiration and gratitude towards Cory Hinkle for his exceptional bravery. People everywhere are talking about his heroic actions praising him for the courage he showed in risking his own life to save someone else. His selflessness has touched many hearts serving as a powerful example of the good that exists in the world. Hinkle's willingness to put himself in harm's way for the sake of another person has inspired a wave of appreciation and respect.

This positive reaction from the public highlights how acts of bravery and kindness can resonate with people and bring them together. Hinkle's story has not only made headlines but has also sparked conversations about the importance of helping others. 

Inspiring and Heartwarming

Cory Hinkle's act of heroism is a powerful and uplifting story that reminds us of the incredible bravery and kindness that people can show. In moments of danger and difficulty it's these selfless acts that truly make a difference and bring people closer together. Hinkle's quick thinking and fearless response in a crisis not only saved a life but also gave everyone a reason to believe in the goodness of humanity.

This story is especially meaningful in times when the world seems full of challenges and hardships. It shows that even in the darkest moments there are individuals ready to step up and help others often at great risk to themselves. Hinkle's bravery is a beacon of hope inspiring us all to be a little braver and kinder in our daily lives. 

A True Hero

Staff Sergeant Cory Hinkle despite his extraordinary act of bravery sees himself as just an ordinary person. He believes that what he did was simply part of his duty a natural response to someone in need. Hinkle's humility is as commendable as his courage. He doesn't think of himself as a hero; instead he views his actions as what anyone should do in such a situation. But for those who witnessed his selfless act and for the woman whose life he saved Hinkle is much more than just an ordinary man. He is a true hero a shining example of courage and compassion.

His story resonates with many reminding us that heroism can be found in everyday acts of kindness and bravery. Hinkle's actions inspire us to be better to help others without hesitation and to act selflessly when the situation calls for it. In a world where negative news often dominates stories like Hinkle's bring a sense of hope and positivity showing us the best of what humanity can be.