Your Heart Knows What It Needs

Misfortune and fatal moments imbue lives with the despair and shake the belief system. The towering emotional might comes down crashing with the haunting past revisiting minds and try to recreate the harrowing times. Souls lose the battle when they cede to the daunting bits. But the heart knows the way out of the turmoil and supports the revival.

Turmoil laces the most of the narrative of life. The whimpers of failures and unfortunate incidents chime around to keep one on one’s feet always. The soul shudders to move ahead. The fear hangs down to rain in anytime to drench the efforts of the revival of the concerned soul. The afflicted souls see it as the end of the track. However, their heart pounds with rigor to make its presence loom larger and quell the despair.

The moments of fall and burial takes one’s breathe out. The pain of losing the essential bits seeps deep to thrive at the centre of the soul. Emotional might begins to falter against the raging misfortune and daunting moments. The rays of hope lose their charm to the whirls of agonies and tornadoes of toil. The dreams and confidence struggle hard to smother the nefarious efforts of the moments.

However, life continues to sink in the deep gorges of the deplorable phase and time. The state of things vitiates to put on the worst of the ways. The nerve-wrecking portrayal of life and course makes one give up the desire to live and survive in the darkest part of life. There seems nothing to be like blossoming and emerging on the other end. The inexorable narration of fate continues to lace life and further adds to the agonies and turmoil. Not just that, the belief in the ability to bounce back begins to thaw and fumes of rocky prospects begin to waft and fill the vacuum.

But the end is not here yet. There thrives some unexplored power gems embedded in the heart. The heart has beaten up with vigor once again to roar its salience and might. It has pumped in the charm of hope and patience to take on the mongering turmoil. Lying deep within the cage of bones, it knows the way out of the pits and falls. The wrecked belief system seeks the power of revival with faith in its might looming larger.

It knows the alleys that treasure the much-needed power streaks of love, faith and trust. The toils have failed to reach and plunder the treasure of might and strength. The emotional bits are gradually blooming to heal the bruised soul and parts and unleash the wave of the resurrection for life in the doldrums. The pearls of patience and faith call the soul to hold on the situations and the battleground. Meanwhile, the heart charts out the action plan against the storming times. The struggle to win over the testing times will get their due rewards. Thus, there lies nothing in mourning the failed bids and attempts to free up life from the grips of the misfortune.

Shed the complexion of being alone at the centre of the universe of turmoil. Many other souls have got into traps with a slip of time and moves. The gloomy times are what define one’s might. They certainly do not highlight the prospects. The golden lines lie within one’s hands.

Thus, leave your ears free to tune to the heartbeats and usher your life out of the turmoil.