You Are Stuck Because You Are Focusing On Having Less Instead Of Creating More

Life is all about movement and change. However, one cannot easily give up on the bits that one endears. The agonies on the way arrest the mind and underline the negatives in the sphere. But the secret of a healthy life does not tether to the clinging of the moments. It rests in finding new rays of hope and purposes.

Life concocts from the blend of contrasting moments. Some harbor joy, while others serve the excruciating bumps. The vibrant ones imbue souls with hope and power. However, the gloomy ones refuse their departure without an enduring imprint. Thus, souls end up putting in their might in weeding out the bits and moments that they do not want to bloom in their lives.

The pursuit takes them over to such an extent that they end up dumping the positives seeking their heed and admirations. The new ventures slip to a corner gradually with their minds juggling with the besets and disgusting moments. They let the negatives and worries drive their actions. Finally, they end up putting their goal as the slashing of negatives in their life. In that way, the golden opportunities to set something new and refreshing sink down.

And then the mind is full of nothing but the fights with the negatives. That marks the stagnation of mind and spirit. Chasing the bad, one ends up losing the chances of transforming lives for better. The night of ignorance gets darker to shut the rays of hope and redemption. The gloomy phase sets in to cloud the glistening facet of life.

With the world bragging the credentials of the “move on” song, most of the afflicted souls end up giving in to the calls blindly. To overcome the sources of pain in their lives, they go on imitating the trends hovering across the world. They incorporate the bits in the salvage plan without poring over the line of priorities that separate them from the rest of the world. And there, they end up losing their soul to fight against the negatives.

The nightmares become a reality because one forgets that to build on the positive is the only way to push the negatives off the life. One does not need a plan targeting the evils to banish them, but the fuller utilization of positives lacing one way.

For instance, one can win a healthy body by vouching for a healthy lifestyle. Thus, instead of ruining one’s time in tussling with weight figures, one should stealthily switch to a healthy routine with more focus on calories and exercise.

The pain of losing someone dear in life can vanquish if one embarks oneself on the quest for new reasons and charm of life. Thus, instead of repenting on the irreparable loss, one should look out for the ways that could facilitate the creation of new and refreshing phase of life.

Hence, the essence of life nestles in the constructions of new steps in the ladder of life. So rather than crying over the broken ones, one should arrange for the material that could give way to the new ones. The key to redeeming one’s life does not thrive under the dusk of agonies. It shines brightly with the hues of the dawn of hope and creation.

Go on building new to thrive through the times rather than removing debris from the dump yard of the harrowing past. Forget the negatives and cash in on the positive to quell them smoothly.