You Are Not Here To Compete With Others But Yourself

We spend a lot of time trying to compare ourselves with others and following an “improvement regime” that is not really thriving. Why improve ourselves after looking at the “success” of people around us? We can work on building our better version by only keeping ourselves in mind - what we were and what we wish to become!

We are not here to compete with anyone. We can’t criticize ourselves just based on our assumptions of how others are leading their lives. Criticism is healthy only when it is done to undergo a change from our past self instead of trying to be someone else.

There is no end to comparison as everyone is different and has something unique to bring to the table. Why take this negatively? We can learn from what they have to offer and just keep it that way. Why does comparison make a home in our heads? It is just so unnecessary.

We need to look into ourselves instead of running to achieve what others are doing. What if they are struggling too? You can’t know the whole story and more importantly, you don’t need to. For once, keep yourself as a priority and if you wish to improve yourself, make a trip to your past and see where you need to brush up.

Quit looking for inspiration around you, it lies right within you and what you aspire for your future self. When you begin to follow this path, you will realize that it’s more convenient to see through this lens.

We all have flaws and concentrating on ours is the trick here!

Forget that there are people surrounding you at that moment.

Just focus on yourself and try to find the hollowness that needs to be filled right now.
Now, contemplate the ways in which you can fill that hole.

Do you realize it’s all “you”? You don’t need anyone else to “upgrade” yourself. YOU are enough!

The first step is always self-love and after that, things flow. You learn to respect yourself and even succeed in creating better versions of yourself without searching for the inspiration and competition around you.

Once in a while, when you feel that there is still a long way to go and you start to lose motivation, just look back for a second and it would enlighten you with the journey that has been so fruitful. You’ll notice that you have changed and it’s all positive.

Next time, when you find yourself questioning your worth after you meet someone who seems to be “better” than you, stop that thought and remind yourself that the only competition that exists for you is you.