Woman Who Saves A Girl From Being Harassed Gets Appreciated

Women’s safety had always been a matter of concern all around the world. One can find women being harassed or molested literally everywhere. While in a world where people do not usually come forward to help such victims, a woman took an exceptionally helpful step to save a girl who was getting harassed by a man.

A woman named Nab was all praises for her presence of mind while she helped a girl who was being harassed by a weird guy at a supermarket store. She took to her TikTok handle to post a video where she noticed the girl and decided to help her out in some way. And the viewers now think her response was exemplary.

In the video, Nab was just about to sit in her car when she suddenly spotted an anxious girl who was talking to a man. The girl looked really confined, so Nab decided to walk up to the girl in order to help her. She murmured in the clip that she did not usually make these kinds of videos but she was literally going to approach the girl as she seemed to be very uncomfortable.

In the clip, Nab was also seen saying that she was not sure where the girl wanted to go as it was late at night. She turned the camera towards the man and the girl. Everything the man wore was black. He had put on a black hoodie and black pants with a black face mask.

Nab then said “Okay I’m from New York, girls supporting girls, I’m just going to go up to her.” And she crossed the street to move closer to the girl. Nab pretended as if she knew who the girl was. Nab asked the other girl where she was and that she had been waiting for her in the car.


Nab then went ahead to ask the man what he wanted. The man replied that he was casually talking to the girl. Nab also questioned him asking what was he talking about. To this he gave an uncanny answer saying that he was asking the girl if her toes were long.

Nab said asked the girl to come with her in order to comfort her. Both of them left the place together. Nab was keen to drop the girl where ever she lived to ensure that she was safe.

The video had been viewed for around nine million times and nearly a thousand people commented under it. A user commented that she had been followed before and it was not nice, but she was happy with how Nab helped. Another person wrote that this was the behavior she loved seeing.