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Window Display Of Mannequin In A Wheelchair By This Bridal Store Gives Out A Powerful Message

Lifestyle June, 19, 2024

There are so many bridal stores around the world with pretty dresses displayed that grab instant attention from the brides-to-be. A similar store in Portishead, England decided to do something different and special. Their window display was a dedication that was extremely sweet and something that should be done more. The window display featured a mannequin in a bridal dress while sitting in a wheelchair. Disability or no disability, every girl has the right to choose the bridal gown of her dreams and have a wedding she always wanted to have.

This beautiful moment at The White Collection was spotted by Beth Wilson who is disabled. She shared the picture applauding their thought behind normalizing disabilities. Her tweet gained a lot of attention and everyone was complimenting the step taken by the bridal boutique.

Beth was very excited about this whole situation and expressed her feelings on how people in a similar situation are ignored from the big picture. They feel left out and invisible but this gesture made her and so many like her feel relevant in this world. But Beth was not the only one excited about this. The Bridal Boutique was equally ecstatic on seeing the response.

The boutique’s owner, Laura Allen expressed her thoughts on this and explained that they just wanted to change the dimension of things. She told, “For this season we wanted to strip it right back and have a mannequin in each window. Our thought of having one of them in a wheelchair was, ‘Why not?’ And we didn’t really think too much about it.”

We hope more and more people start thinking this way and disabilities are normalized in near future. We would love to live in the world where everyone is happy and satisfied in the way they are and we know you wish the same too!

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