Why You Should Let Go Of People Who Aren’t Meant To Be

Letting go of someone is hard. Sometimes, some people have such a deep impact in your lives, you think it will always stay the same. However, what we think about us, our future rarely happens the way we imagined. Sometimes, it just might be the opposite. Some people stay, some people don’t even if we think they are meant to stay with us forever. That is why, when they finally leave, we still hold onto them because we aren’t prepared to let them go.

And that’s just the harsh reality. But only if we take it the negative way. There is always a reason someone comes into your life. You may not think the same way now, but they will always leave a trace within you. You may not recognize it. But they do.

Some people stay a bit longer, some just come by and go quickly. But each has their own share of experiences, something you learn from them. It’s easier when you don’t like a person, and you let them go. But it’s harder when you want them to stay, but they chose to leave us. Or maybe they didn’t choose. It just wasn’t meant to be. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make it easier to deal with.

But it happens, and we can deal it the better way by thinking the positive aspect of it. For example, if you dated a person and you think they are your forever person, your soulmate. But for some great opportunity, they had to leave, whether for a good job or study. Whatever maybe the reason. But you can’t stop them and you have to let them go. Because they have taught you to never to settle for anything less, to always grow, and explore all those great opportunities in front of you.

But it’s not limited to your spouse or partner. They can be your friends, your family member or anyone. So, appreciate for the time being. You won’t know how much time you might have with them. So just be happy for the time being. And when it’s time for them to part from you, you must have the courage to let them go. Because, it’s always for the greater good. Maybe, that person has made you happy, but at the same time has made your life stagnant. Maybe the presence of that someone is restricting you to be what you are meant to be. Even if it’s not the intention.

So, if someone is meant to stay, they will. But if not, don’t be discouraged. It will always be for the better.