Why People Get Upset When You Start Loving Yourself

Self-love is now shimmering as the panacea for the pains the world hurls at one. But as one begins to make way for that in one’s life, people start ridiculing that person for being self-centered and insensitive to others. They can’t brook the fact the victim of their meanness has found the healing way out through the magic of self-love.

Life is not easy going when people are always looking for their chance to extract one’s time, love and emotions to further their self-interest. They leave no stone unturned to subjugate one’s heart and calls to have everything favoring their life. Serving their mean calls, the victim on the other side ends up draining out one’s emotional well-being. Then, it is time for the soul down with the nasty world to rejuvenate with the power of self-love. But it is not easy to recuperate that way because the callous people would not let one do so.

Imagine one has a puppet that dances to one’s tune. Then suddenly, that puppet begins to use its senses to figuring out its interests. How would one react to this? The same is the case with the people when they find out that the soul they ruled over once has begun to figure out their way. They cannot bear the happy life of their subject, who has been catering to their interests till now. The person who never dared to cross-cut their plan and desire has suddenly started to heed one’s inner calls. How can they let that pass smoothly?

Of course, they would not let that happen. So they are out with all insults and deprecations to check the concerned person’s self-love move. They start to apportion the blame for things getting wrong on them. The thunders of their denigration begin to become the music of the scene. They begin to charge one’s love for oneself as the root cause of all the problems around. The nasty people put in their best to make one retreat to one’s old serving position to protect the benefitting structure of their life. And this is natural to come from their side.

After all, they cannot afford to lose out on the person who has always been there for them. No matter how they treated that person, they would always get soothing treatment from that soul. Not just that, they could also relieve themselves from the burdens of their evil acts by shifting the blame on their subject. They never cared for the likes or dislikes of the person around them. So they were paramount in the scene in every possible sense. They simply made their decisions because they knew they could always take their caretaker for granted. They could go about treating that person in any way as there was no fear of rebuttal.

But when that person embraces self-love, their happy-go-lucky life takes a turn against them. The magic of self-love drives the ailing soul to surmount the emotional shackles and make life better. That gives them the power to look at the bright side of things and make strides to secure their interests. The person no longer gets affected by the threat of being abandoned by the world. They begin to love the company of their heart and soul. So there is no reason for them to fear snapping back at the people trying to leverage their emotions.

This fearlessness shakes the concerned people from within. So they begin to restrict one’s way by unleashing their resentment. But that’s the moment for one to drive and boost up one’s self-love.