What Do You Choose-More Positives Or Fewer Negatives?

Life is about ups and downs. Your souls are too familiar with this fact. But you do not want to soak in it. People always try to figure out the ways to mould their life into their dream life to cherish its rosy picture. But the time has come now for you to decide whether you want to pick up more of positives or drain your time in cutting negatives out of your life.

The only way to collect gems of life is to pursue your passion and felicity. A ditch to bury your besets could not ease your situation. Your souls should let the things roll by. But the question arises: how can they carry on their onslaught when they strip you of your serenity? Well, the answer to this contentious query dwells in the divine light of your soul.

Despite many enlightened souls expatiating on this golden aspect, the afflicted souls remain adamant on their weary stand. You continue to bruise yourselves by your incoherent ways of living a life minus its torrents. Going that way, you go on losing out on your unique identities. Albeit, you are not alone at fault. The social vibes that surround you nudge you to take up the gloomy trail.

For instance, when one of you encounters the rough patch of life then your so-called “well-wishers” turn their heads up to make you embrace the travesty of that odd hour. The “move on” advice starts to pour in from all the directions to vitiate the situation. Eventually, you end up going around scrounging for the golden way to cut out your agonies. As a result, the gloomy sheet of besets obscure your potentials. Thus, you remain stuck in the vicious circle of agonies.

But the end would have been different if you had embraced the jerks as the part and parcel of your life. Life would have been full of bliss if you had enjoyed the varying intensity of the moments. So the focus should have been on living out life to the full rather than controlling its mechanism.

Thus after squeezing out the extract of life, one can paint the conclusion that life is all about laying stress on the positive aspects rather than beating down its negatives. A debtor can only manage to get out of the virulent debt trap if he could weigh on expanding the revenue side rather than merely contemplating cutting on the expenditure side. A fitness lover can succeed in donning an ideal figure if he could work on his health and not just whirl around the weighty issue.

Summing up all the elements, a happy life nestles in the chest of positives. So go around picking up the happy moments to outweigh the gloomy one that strangles our lives. Past is a thing of past. Thus, it does not cry out for your sumptuous visits. Look around for the pearls of felicity to fill up the lacunae of life that are a result of the past onslaughts.

Thus by diving deeper in the ocean of your present, you can wipe off the horrid memories of your days that you spent in the well of your past.