Universe Favors Your Growth Over Your Happiness

If happiness and personal growth were in a war, personal growth will win by a bare margin. Happiness is the key to everything in your life. Everyone strives towards getting happiness in their life. While happiness is great it’s not wholesome. One achieves satisfaction only through personal growth. We align with universe when we work towards personal growth and happiness then follows.

The only way to build a meaningful life is to filter the bad voices and look for happiness. Everyone wants to be happy. In the worst times of our life all we hope for happiness. But happiness isn’t achieved by the snap of a finger. Small and big situations of our life like getting a promotion, becoming a parent, getting rewarded etc. lead us to happiness. If we think deeper, it’s all our personal growth that leads to happiness eventually.

The universe is constantly moving forward. Everyday there are new advances and developments. The universe favors growth. The more we grow the greater parallel we draw between our and the universe’s development. Life always inclines itself over our personal growth that our happiness. While happiness gives us joy for a while it does not lead to our personal expansion. This might be debatable but it is true to a great extent. Looking through a new perspective is all one needs to realize superiority in importance of personal growth over happiness.

In the theatre of happiness, there is no limit. It is elusive. It doesn’t stay for long. The more you run after happiness, the more it runs away from you. This is not the case for personal growth. If one moves toward developing and pursuing towards one’s personal growth, they will always move one step further. In the path of personal growth, it’s important to just focus on the stair ahead rather than the whole staircase.

If the path of personal growth is followed without getting distracted, happiness is obtained as a by-product. If you follow something in your life like pursuing a talent, adopting new habits etc. you are keeping a step towards your personal growth and after the process you realize that happiness comes along. The universe provides for this long lasting happiness and gives you a sense of satisfaction because it is derived from personal growth.

Pursuing for happiness is good but you will achieve happiness is not guaranteed. The biggest example is that everyone asks for happiness but not everyone is happy. On the other hand, in case of growth one will go through failures. There will be ups and downs. But it will always make you better and changed person than what you were previously.

Dr David Hawkins, a consciousness researcher and psychiatrist outlined a map with calibration values of each level. His study showed that 15% population has the weight to counterbalance the negativity of the remaining 85% of the world’s people and showed how personal growth is essential for survival. If you chose personal growth it will convert to happiness and satisfaction one day.

To have both happiness and personal growth it’s important for us to dream high. It’s important to follow our passions and invest our time to achieve personal growth. Be as forgiving and open in listening to yourself as we are with others. We must focus on our mental health and inner peace and not forget that smallest of these steps are leading to our growth.