Truck Driver Praised For Helping Old Lady Avoid A Huge Puddle

A heart-warming video has gone viral which shows a truck driver who stopped to help an old lady. The old lady had been struggling to access her car because of a huge muddy puddle between her car’s door and the path. He positioned his truck rightly and lowered its tail-lift to help her. His generous act has won many hearts.

In this era, it is rare to witness a pro-social act. People don’t feel like being of help to others. However, thanks to some souls with solicitude, humanity continues to thrive in this materialistic world. The social media world cherished the fact again with a video surfacing in its domain. It shows a truck driver extending a heart-warming help to a struggling old lady.

The old lady was having a tough time accessing her car. To her despair, there was a big puddle between her and her car. Adding to her agonies, it was a few feet deep. Thus, she could not jump in and walk to her car. However, the clouds of struggle waived when a truck driver saw her ordeal. He stopped to help her out. Taking a note of the puddle, he went ahead to use his truck for her help.


He positioned it rightly, and then, he lowered its tail-lift. It came up as a bridge over the puddle. Not just that, he extended his generosity by getting off his truck and helping her. Seeing her struggling to walk, he clutched her hand and helped her get on the lift. Then, he waited for her to walk over to her car. To her delight, she managed to reach her car without getting drenched. The Good Samaritan thus finally made her day!

Well, that gesture of kindness did not stay between them. But it travelled around to enlighten hearts and humanity across the globe. Someone captured the act and went ahead to share it with the social media world. As a result, the video throwing light on those moments of help surfaced on the TikTok platform. Then, it was time for the social media users to celebrate it to the full.

The heart-warming video has rocked the charts of fame. It has garnered a heartening number of views. Not just that, it has also managed to rake in 608k likes. The social media users have not stopped there. They have leapt by bounds to shower their love and praise on the kind-hearted truck driver. As a result, the platform has got inundated with amusing comments and appreciation.

Taking on that part, one person unwound the whirls of emotions by commenting, “My heart melted.” Not just that, another soul jumped in the line of appreciation of the truck driver. They wrote, “Hope these guys get some good karma back.” Adding to praise fervor, one user commented, “This is the sweetest thing ever.”

Extending that line of happiness, another person said, “Nothing more fulfilling than helping others, nice one fellas.” Not just that, there came up another soul who went ahead to illuminate the old lady’s happiness. Taking on that part, they said, “Grandma said: Bingo night, rain or shine.”

While the TikTok world has thrilled souls by giving recognition to these acts, it has also drawn the ire of some people. For instance, one woman has complained that it is harming her life. According to her, the TikTok world obsession has taken on her husband’s mind.

Hopefully, she would have managed to quell it!