This Man Takes Up The Task Of Installing Motivating Yard Signs Around His Community To Reduce The Suicide Rate

It is not always rainbows and sunshine in our lives. We have to go through some dark times, but giving up on your life is never an option. This man has taken up the task of motivating people by putting signs in his neighborhood after he heard suicide news of teenagers.

As the world is progressing, there can be a rise in struggles and challenges in everyone’s life regardless of your age. However, we need to face those challenges instead of surrendering to them.

Kids need to understand this and value their lives. But things have not been good in this regard with the suicide rate increasing. When Colby Wallace, father of two, came to know about four teenagers who committed suicide in a county close to their home, he decided to step in and act on this.

Wallace, 42, from Seattle, got shocked on hearing this news and wanted to make a change by setting up a positive environment in his community. His efforts received recognition and his message spread to a larger area!

He was concerned about those kids and wanted to make sure that nothing like this happens in the future. That moment demanded action and awareness! He said in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, “These were local high school students and no one was really talking about it.”

Being physically well is not enough, mental stability is equally important! Your mental health deserves attention and a lot of care. Wallace’s determination to spread the message of positivity increased.

One of his friends made him aware of the “Don’t Give Up Movement” started by Amy Wolff. This movement involves installing motivating yard signs at various places. According to their website, “The idea of encouraging yard signs had been bouncing around in my head for years but it was always ‘just a silly idea.’ That is until May 2017 — then it became the something.”

They aimed at helping people going through some tough times. They never imagined their movement would become so widespread and received appreciation for taking this initiative towards mental health.

Wallace found out that he could buy those signs from their website and become a part of this positive campaign. He bought signs that had words like, “Don’t Give Up”, “You Matter” and “You’re Worthy of Love” imprinted on them. Wallace got 15 signs for $105.

He began putting these signs all over his neighborhood and in the street opposite his daughter’s school. They were visible to everyone who passed from there. People complimented his efforts and expressed how thankful they are!

He said, “I don’t know where this thing ends, but for now, for today, this is what we are going to do. Don’t give up.” He has a GoFundMe page where people can contribute so that he can purchase more such inspiring signs and install them everywhere!

Wallace just wants people to know that darkness is not here to stay for long. Keep moving forward and you’ll see light again!