This Is Why You Put Up With Less Than You Deserve

A person is always a better judge when it comes to others. But if the same thing is happening in one’s life, they are unable to recognize the patterns. Sometimes even if he/she recognizes the patterns of toxicity or feeling less alive, they still end up putting up with others. The reason you put up with less than you deserve is that secretly you long for companionship.

It is true that when you are witnessing bad decisions of people from afar. And you always think that you will never end up in this position or any kind of this relationship. You will never make decisions that will make you unhappy or put in a position that another person is in. But the truth is that judgement is easy until you reflect on the past decisions you have made.

One of the many reasons you end up putting with less than you deserve is because you long for companionship. You are ready to put with people who might not treat you write in the sense that they are always not considerate, or always thinking of themselves. But still, you put up with them because you think that it is better to have someone in your life and put up with them rather than being alone.

Sometimes it is even a dangerous situation but you still put up with it. Because somewhere inside us every human being likes and is attracted to danger. The dance with the danger is something not easy to walk away from. Also, you want someone to recognize you and loves you. You long for happiness, recognition and love from others. This is a feeling that most of you have. The feeling of wanted by someone in their life. We try to find the source of love and happiness from somebody else.

Maybe it helps us to think that there is something else to do in life than eat, sleep, grind, repeat, and die. Thus, in this search of feeling you end up putting up with less than you deserve. You are constantly looking for the right feelings in the wrong places. First, you have to find all these feelings in yourself. Thus, why stomaching cruelty becomes second nature.

There are many souls out there trapped in a so-called relationship full of love and happiness. But in reality, all these relationships are barren of love and happiness. To find love and happiness in others should not be a priority. But the priority should be to find happiness and love in ourselves first. If we cannot be happy and love ourselves how can we expect others to do the same for us. And it is not about always wanting love and happiness. You also, have to be the giver of love and happiness.

Therefore, do not succumb to what we know deep down isn’t good for us. But even if we do that sometimes it is okay. But due to that do not miss the chance of genuine connection and love. The kind that never fades or falters. Cut ties with people who do not serve us, or put negativity in your life. Start a new and start for the right reasons.