This Dad Made An Igloo For His Kids Who Use Wheelchairs

What do you do when your kids need a wheelchair to go around and they wish to go to an igloo? Probably you’d just avoid that trip because it is too much hassle, no? This father made a customized igloo for his kids because they couldn’t go to a regular one.

Gregg Eichorn, a father of six has two kids who are dependent on a wheelchair for their movement. Elijah is 19-year-old and Zahara who is 11-year-old use a wheelchair. Heavy snowfall hit the region of Cincinnati, Ohio and the dad was inspired to make a special igloo for his kids to enjoy.

He and his wife, Katie have adopted all six kids and all of them have a special condition. He went to Facebook and shared his awesomeness. The caption read, “Built this handicap accessible igloo today with my sister. Includes mini igloo and second-floor snowball deck. Not the first ambitious (thing) I’ve done.”

One of his friends shared it on Reddit as he was impressed by the efforts of the dedicated father. The igloo was quite a thing for the kids who were in the age group of 4-19.


He said, “They loved it! They were having a blast. The day afterward, we even put a slide on the top so they could slide off the top of it. Elijah opened his eyes up in there, and that was a big deal because he has a cortical vision impairment. Our kids were so excited to see that.”

Eichorn wasn’t aware that his deed was shared on Reddit and when he came to know about it, he was surprised to know how much attention it had garnered.

While talking about the whole praises that came across him, he said, “We didn’t know about all the people that were gonna be interested. For me, this is no big deal. People have told me, getting the word out about medical and special needs adoption, that’s part of our family’s vision. You can have special people in your family, that weren’t part of your family and you can love, and your family is better.”

Parents are selfless and this one sets a perfect example.