This Brilliant 21-Year-Old Woman Completes Two Degrees, Buys Her First Home And Starts PhD

We are definitely in no rush to have our lives sorted and settled but we also hope for that day to arrive soon. For some, it happens at its own sweet pace and for others, it arrives much sooner than expected depending on the efforts they put in. Pakeezah Zubairi, 21, has achieved quite a lot in just two years and it was all her hard work and planning that brought her to this place!

This 21-year-old woman, Pakeezah Zubairi, from Florida, completed secondary school with 18 months’ worth of university credits. She took extra classes and tests all throughout the degree. That helped her start her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and complete it just before she turned 19. That’s quite impressive!

Further, this extraordinary student completed her MBA in Human Resources Management from Lynn University a few days before her 20th birthday. We definitely did not have a master’s degree when we stepped into our 20s!

Apart from studying hard during her MBA, this genius mind worked full-time. Eventually, she had enough savings in her account to buy a new house. She always wanted to live an independent life with no intrusion from her family.

Pakeezah revealed, “I’m the youngest student to ever graduate from an MBA business course at my university and that feels amazing.”

As soon as she completed her bachelor’s, she left her parents’ home and shifted to student accommodation until her master’s. This major step of moving out had to be tough as her parents wished her to be “a good little Muslim girl”. So, she knew that they could never be on the same page as her.

“I wanted to get out of my parents as soon as I could so once I had my bachelor’s I moved out and lived in student accommodation while I completed my masters,” this 21-year-old shared.

Pakeezah made sure that she saved enough and so, limited her expenditures by avoiding dining out. She nerve shelled out on designer clothes, vacation, or electronics.

“My boyfriend Steven was a massive help, he stayed up with me to study and we bought the cheapest food we could which was all pretty awful for our bodies, ready meals and super noodles,” she explained.

Steven Nieves-Colón and I just bought our first home!!! #HomeownerAt20

Posted by Pakeezah Zubairi on Friday, May 10, 2019

“My friend would drive me from work to school every day. By the time I finished my master’s degree Steven and I were already saving for the house and we saved the $7,500 deposit needed to secure our mortgage within a year.”

Pakeezah has made plans for the future and now, she has decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology. She is applying for the same and wants to finish it as soon as she can. She said, “After the PhD, well, I’m planning on having a lie down.”

“I feel like all I did from high school until I got my house was work and study. I would write papers until five o’clock in the morning and then sleep two hours and get up for work,” she admitted.

This young brilliant mind has accomplished a lot in a small amount of time. She has proved that if you make the right plans and pick the right options, you can achieve whatever you have set your mind on.

“I would advise anyone to try and get onto the property ladder as soon as they can. The two or three years it takes to save up suck, but the payoff is incredible,” Pakeezah shared.