This 10 Year Old Weightlifter Plans To Open Her Own Gym

A 10 year old weightlifter named Aeryn Ejjina Atkinson had planned to start her own gym. Also, she had worked years to build an amazing capacity to lift double her bodyweight. This ambitious girl had even dreamt of winning gold in Olympics.

Aeryn from Telford, UK had never been like any 10 year old kid. She had been moving forward to open her gym. She had also written a business plan and had offered it to various gyms in order to gain knowledge for when she turns 16 years old.

Aeryn’s40 year old dad, Craig supervised her morning training sessions. He said that Aeryn had written a business plan as a project during the lockdown because she wanted to open up a gym. They showed this business plan to some personal trainers and they liked it. This resulted in Aeryn wanting to get in touch with more trainers and gain more experience about the industry she was extremely passionate about.

Craig further added by telling an astonishing incident where The Gym Group had asked for an interview with Aeryn over video conferencing while she ended up talking to Chief Commercial Officer and manager of their Kettering gym. She also chatted with Common Wealth Games athlete, Deborah Fleming.

Aeryn had asked them questions related to gym, fitness plans and on how to run a business. They told that Aeryn had been a wonderful distraction at the end of a tough and exhausting year. They were so mesmerized that they offered to take her for work experience while she was completing her qualifications until 16 years of age. She had also received a Gym Group uniform. She had also been searching for more personal trainers and one trainer even allowed her to use her personal recording studio.

Besides of opening a gym, Aeryn also wished to go to Olympics, Commonwealth Games and CrossFit Games. But she knew that she would have to perform even more intense and hard training to grab such opportunities in the near future. But it had been absolutely fine for there could be nothing to stop her.

Aeryn told that she had started doing deadlifts when she was just seven year old. But her father would not let her do it; fortunately, they found out a safe way of doing it. She also confessed that she loved learning new moves with CrossFit and pushing her body to the limit had always made her happy. She said that she saw ‘The Rock’ getting up at 5 am and it motivated her to do the same before going to school. She watched his videos and tried to follow him.

Aeryn decided to make a business plan because many ideas were popping in her head and she wanted to put them on a paper. She kept adding ideas onto her business plan. She wanted to create a gym that worked for her as well as various other people around. She told that she cannot really say when the gym would start, but probably when she could afford it. Until then, Aeryn would help a local fitness instructor through virtual workouts.

Craig said that he had been a proud father and also a little scared, but he would always support Aeryn. He also told that she never asked for toys. He jokingly then said that she only needed gym equipment and clothes for Christmas.