The Need for Motivation Can Never Be Satiated

There are often times when we're sitting idle and thinking about doing the things that have been on our list for a while. However, the impulse that makes us do it is most often missing and motivation always seems to be the last resort that can help us get everything done.

You might have several things to do; doing your household chores, work out, cleaning your surroundings, and even trying to find a way to make a living. But making up your mind to do it is always the hardest thing and sitting idle, scrolling through your social media posts, or watching Netflix seems to be more convenient.

No matter how advantageous it may be or how better it makes us feel, the mere idea of getting it done feels so heavy that you often prefer sitting on a couch and do nothing but procrastinate even if you know what you need to do at the moment. And once we are burdened with the pressure of the tasks, we do feel the absence of motivation that, if present in our life, would help us do wonders. But here’s the thing: if you feel the same, you are simply escaping reality. It is the perception that we have developed that makes us ignore the actual problem and just go with the impulse to do something.

Here’s the truth: we are actually stronger and more intelligent than we ever imagine ourselves to be. We have all the necessary ability to assimilate what suits us better but that has always been clouded with the path that society has shown us. Motivation can even take you in the misguided direction and it tells you that the top-notch confidence that helps you pull off anything is still lacking. The vivid description of a perfect life has always been put on us in several ways and has bombarded our minds with the false image of what we need to make ourselves better.

Fortunately, listening to our instincts can sometimes help us from the harsh consequences. The reluctance is what we feel when we choose to move on the wrong path. And when you already know that the thing you are about to do will be somewhat contributing to your betterment but you’re still not on it, then there is something else that needs a closer inspection. Sometimes, doing even the silly things feels heavier than it really is, but it’s meant to make you stronger in several aspects without you being aware of it.

Life being so harsh is what we have been told all this while and going through the difficulties is just a part of it. However, it would be better to go with the flow and love what we do. We can experience ecstasy in every moment. The idea of a tough life always takes us away from the mind’s perceived way of making things easier in the end. And when you feel agitated while doing your work, allow yourself to settle and take a look on the brighter side.