The Healing Power Of Letting Go And Moving On

Everyone holds onto certain things: unreciprocated love, anger, a desire for revenge, fleeting hope, etc. Many hold onto such things because it’s comfortable and familiar but the truth is that one is only hurting itself and missing out bigger and better things. Letting go is one of the most empowering, self-loving things one can do in order to break free from toxic people and circumstances and limiting feelings and thoughts.

While it’s important to know that change is inevitable, letting go of all that is unnecessary is also important! Accepting that you cannot change people makes your life so much easier because you’re no longer working towards a lost cause. Understand that people make changes in their life when they are ready and not when you want them to. That’s why, you should never stress about why people you hold close do not embrace change. At the end of the day, you have a life to live, one in which you welcome change with open arms and are able to move on.

It’s hard to digest the fact that people will come and go. But it’s a fact at the end of the day. Every person we come across in our life has a role to play. So, when the chapter is over, they tend to leave. We can’t hold onto people and moving on is the best solution as it soothes you and the other soul as well. Living with the past doesn’t help in any case. But, cherishing those memories out of the past definitely brings a lot of Joy. It feels good to reminisce those moments as beautiful colors that helped you paint your story of life!

We’ve all had to let go of things at some point or another. Be it a pet, friend, boyfriend, or simply graduating high school. We are constantly ending chapters in order to start something new. Nothing is permanent; empires fall, huge corporations go bankrupt, what once seemed unbreakable crumbles. We humans aren’t any different? When the signs of decline appear, it can just mean the end of something old and the beginning of something new. It is obviously easier said than it’s done. However, embracing the change can be a bigger blessing.

Holding on is a natural human instinct and also a critical way that stops ourselves from achieving our goals. The more one holds onto their past, the more they feel stuck. The problem is that it ultimately causes more suffering. It doesn’t encourage growth and it doesn’t help them move forward. One should always learn how to find a balance between grieving as we need to and focusing on where we are now and what we want to have that we couldn’t before. Allowing yourself to heal and looking to the future with optimism and excitement is the key!

Letting go allows lessons to be learned and incites discernment to be practiced going forth. It’s just the end of a chapter; it’s not the end of a story. The story must go on. Be aware and ground yourself in the knowledge that you are going through a process that will keep changing constantly, so embrace the change. Take a moment and think about your life and all that you have already accomplished. Think about what more you wanted to have and experience.