Teacher’s Letter To Parents Urges Them To Embrace Their Children’s Results

Exams are one of the most important parts of any student life. Exams are always used as a means to test the intelligence of the students. In an era of so much competition and advancement, exams can be very stressful for many students. It’s the job of a parent/guardian to create an environment which saves children from the result stress. A headteacher was heavily applauded by the internet who conveyed a similar message through his letter to the parents.

According to the teacher, every child is different from the other. Everyone has their own interests and expertise. A single exam is a wrong way to judge everyone. A future artist might not understand math. A future entrepreneur doesn’t find the history interesting. There can be a musician who finds chemical compositions hard to interpret. Parents need to be more considerate and accepting of every result.

Exam Results can be good or bad but that alone can’t decide the future of the children. Scolding the children for their bad results isn’t going to change the result. Trust their effort and welcome any plans that they might have for their future. But a good and happy acceptance will shape their future. A warm hug to the kids and they will be on their way to take on the world. They may succeed beyond expectations or make new mistakes. Knowing that they are always supported, they will never be afraid to try.

He even asked the parents to tell their wards that it doesn’t matter what the score is, we will always love you no matter what. You are destined to do other greater things in life and we won’t judge you for that. They can follow their dreams with whatever talent they have. An exam scoresheet can’t take their worth away. You shouldn’t think that all the doctors, engineers or people with more wealth are the happiest ones. Happiness always comes from following your dreams and that’s what you should do.


Exam results can take a heavy toll on the mental as well as physical health of people. But they certainly don’t define anyone as a person. In these times a letter like this really fills energy and hope in the minds of both children and parents. Every family can have a different set of circumstances and these results may be very important for them. But what is done is done, there’s no point spoiling your mental health by thinking too much about it and just move forward.

This letter was well appreciated by many people on reddit and all the internet users around the globe. Some people said that the headteacher was from Singapore while some claimed him to be from Canada. Many people also came out to share their experiences with exams and results making it a refreshing saga.