Teacher Fostered Student So Boy Could Get Kidney Transplant

You know it well when you come across incidents where teachers do their best to transform the lives of their students. From motivating them to follow their footsteps to become successful in ensuring their well-being, teachers do it all. But a teacher went a step ahead and fostered a student.

A Colorado teacher became a godsend to his 13-year old student. Finn Lanning, who is a math and science teacher had talked to one of his students Damien who had told him that he had to leave the school after Thanksgiving Day because he had been suffering from focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FGFS) since he was only 8-years old. His kidneys had been damaged due to the disease in such a way that a kidney transplant was the only option left.

Lanning also developed a GoFundMe page for the little kid to raise money for his condition. He also informed that the relatives with whom Daniel was living back then had to put him back to the foster care system because it would be hard for anyone to give proper attention to a kid like Damien, added with his requirements.

So, Damien had to stay at the hospital for months and his teacher Lanning used to visit him regularly at Denver’s Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center. At one point, Damien’s kidneys had stopped functioning and he was put on dialysis for 12 hours a day. He wasn’t even fit for the kidney transplantation because he had no access to a proper home environment.

Posted by Finn Lanning on Monday, July 8, 2019

Then Lanning came in for the rescue as he decided to take care of the child on his own. It might have been a challenge for him to take this crucial step but he went on for the training and the foster care certification process.

Eventually, he qualified to be a foster parent in March 2019 and Damien could now stay with him. As a result, Damien became eligible for kidney transplantation and finally got a new kidney on June 14, 2019.

Still, the FGFS issue came back with the transplantation, and it required chemotherapy and plasmapheresis to settle down. Lanning had shared this news on Facebook with an update that Damien met his family in Wichita, Kansas. He was glad to see the faster recovery and Damien re-joined school after a while. Now, he can enjoy several foods and play sports too.

He further said, “There continues to be a need for close and frequent monitoring of various health conditions to ensure his kidney can last a long time and that he can live his best life, but all the news is positive!”

It is so gladdening to hear that the boy is now free from all the hardships and the credit goes to the very teacher who adopted him.