Suicidal Fan’s Life Saved On Air By UK Radio Host Who Opened About His Depression!

Life is not about living. But, it's about living a life for the self as well as the society. A British radio host Iain Lee proved that good still exists and sent a message that people need to be more encouraged to help others.

The need of the hour and the time demands that the people are integrated and together live a happy life in which one person is available to help the other person in need. This is something described as the moral code of conduct that should be strictly followed for the internal peace, and the betterment of the individuals within the society.

UK radio host and comedian Iain Lee has already shared about his mental health struggles in his show and came up with the ways and techniques he followed to overcome his depression. Within the show, he interacted with the people who were suffering from depression and were on the verge of losing their lives.

Facing the same sort of situation, he could easily analyze the state and mental well-being of the individual. In order to overcome that fear, he interacted with them and made them realize how important they were and they together played a very crucial role in the world. Further, at times, he interacted with the individuals and got to know their place to be spotted by the police and ambulance in order to save them from the harm that may be caused to them in the condition of distress.

During his show, Lee received a call from a man who was suffering from depression and was being overdosed from the cocktail. Lee critically analyzed the state and interacted with the person and talked to him for half an hour.

During the interaction with him, he gained all the important information like his location, his clothing, etc. He took notice of all the information and shared it with the police so that they could arrive at the place and save him from any sort of accident.

Lee received a lot of appraisal for such an act. He helped the one in need and saved his life. This is something that sets an example for others to do the same.

While Lee was being appraised, he commented on the fact that he helped the man, not for fame, but he genuinely needed help and some good advice. It was the right time that he was available and keenly wanted to help him in order to save his life.

We people are the helping hands to our fellow partners. These helping hands will work only if they have a concerned attitude which focuses on helping others. This all comes with the mindset that motivates us to work for the betterment of the other people as well. This is something set by Lee and acts as an inspiration for others.