Student Launched Brewing Company Using Discarded Supermarket Bread

A 23-year-old student named Dimitris-Marios Stoidis has bagged the way to fame and saving the Earth from the ever-expanding carbon boom. The student at university in Southhampton, Hampshire has come up with a carbon-negative beer using discarded supermarket bread. His brewing brand- ‘Future Brew’ has managed to get an investment of £20,000 at the Future Worlds Dragons' Den platform.

Creativity knows no bounds when it catches up with goodwill. The creative souls have illuminated the fact back and again with their out of the world products. The line of thought blends with the concerns hovering around to get the best in class remedies. Grabbing that, a student named Dimitris-Marios Stoidis has come up with a brand that strives to cut carbon content to a great extent.

Dimitris-Marios Stoidis- a 23-year-old student at university in Southhampton, Hampshire has stood up many times to ease human lives around him. Thus, when it came to doing some time for the choking planet, he decided not to budge. Looking at the perturbing number of breads that go waste in the UK, he made up his mind to create some relieving gems out of them.

Working with the discarded supermarket bread and food, he ended up coming up with a carbon-negative beer. He pulled up his brewing company- ‘Future Brew’, setting up for the drink- ‘Dough Dough’. Each go for the can save 160g of CO2 from going into the atmosphere. This cut in carbon tantamount to a 1.5km drive in a car. Not just that, it also works as a decent solution to the heap of waste around. As per food waste charity WRAP, 1.9 million tons of food goes as waste with bread single-handedly grabbing the count of 900,000 tones out of the figure in the UK.

Thus, the brand strives to provide for better environmental conditions without depriving Britons of their beer delight. Well, this not the end for the ‘Future Brew’ as it has managed to win the heart and faith of investors at the Future Worlds Dragons’ Den. The ‘Dough Dough’ charm has allured an investment of £20,000. The two business investors named Chris Broad (former Apple head honcho) and Andrew Doe (serial digital entrepreneur and founder of have propelled the spirits of the brand.

Thus, Britons around the UK can soon find the cans featuring in their nearby stores. Taking on the investment achievement of the brand, he shared, “This investment will help us expand our operations and provide our product to beer lovers across the UK.I am so excited with everything that we have achieved so far, from providing ingredients for 8,500 meals to the most in need during the lockdown to have saved over 11.5 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere”.

Adding to that, he shared, “This investment will help us upscale our production, access big retailers and supermarkets and increase our impact across Southampton and the UK in the future”.

Shedding light on the salience of the platform where he bagged the investment, Ben Clark (director of the event) shared, “There are moments when a single encounter can be life-changing. Future Worlds Dragons’ Den is such a moment for some of the immensely talented founders that pitch in front of four millionaire investors who have offered more than £500,000 investment to student startups live on stage and propelled founders on to international success”.

The fusion of the business aspirations has finally found the way to mingle with environmental concerns with the beer.