Start Over Even If You’re Staying Right Where You Are

Life has never been a static bliss. It has always blossomed under the rays of change and turbidity. Times come and leave with their indelible imprints on the things around to keep the souls tethered to them. However, the growth prospects call for a makeover of life and its narratives. They ask for a changed outlook and adaption of vision.

Every moment passing by unveils a stunning realization and truth enveloping life. It makes one step back and grabs a bit of introspection. The scenarios raging around alter to weave a bewitching tale. The normal of life crumbles down, thaw and pave nascent ones to embellish the worn-out shreds. However, the adaption sprees are not a cakewalk for the concerned souls. They extract a lot from mundane to built new spheres.

When darkness begins to creep and exhaustion begins to cleave through the wall of rejuvenation, it’s time to pull the curtains down on the narration of mundane. The disgust and disappointment, looming around, press in the prod for a change and acceptance of the changing scenarios. The worn-out comforting corners need resurrection and revamp to build on their capacity for more raging times to come.

The bits of failures signal a change in the way of living and thinking. The ashes of dreams stand ready to provide fertile ground for the rearing of new ones. The shattered sweet moments and bonds cry for a deep burial to win back the lost ecstasy in life. The failed attempts thrust in the overhauling vibes to festoon the broken parts with new hues. The walls that are taking their last breaths under the weight of rankling memories and tarnished vows need some make-over. Free them up from the dead obligations and make way for the golden moments waiting on the other side.

Well, the elusive strokes need not mend things surface overnight. One need not drop the afflicting bits at once. The gradual revival of the lost spirits is the way ahead. But acceptance of the truths of life presses for the moment. The trail to redemption would not be easy and extract a chunk of efforts and emotional strength.

For a moment, all the talks would look next to impossible. The heart would not give in the nod for the harrowing separation. The memories would occupy the centre of mind back and again to pull the steps. The sweet moments, trapped in the diary notes and picture albums would spring out to impede the transformation invitation. Not just that, hands may also refuse the move-on calls and shiver while writing the obituary of the dead phase.

But one needs to look forward at the rays illuminating the patch of life. One needs to shove away the clouds of doubts and fear overshadowing the conscience by putting in the might of positive vibes shimmering around.

The power to embrace the change thrives within one’s soul. There is thus no need to look and judge the faces of the passerby for much-awaited solace. But one can unlock the magical gems only by putting in the key of self-love. Spend time with the one’s self to mend the broken bits and parts. Cherish the moments of togetherness with the wise light thriving deep within one.

Phase-out the agonies with lovely encounters with one’s unexplored side and vision. Weave the net of a new version of life with the threads of hope and belief.

So are you ready to pace up with life?