Socially Distant Graduation Events At The Texas Motor Speedway

Even in the disturbing situations, you’ll come across some gladdening stories where you can learn how we improvise according to the concern. The COVID-19 outbreak might be egregious. Instead of consternating on events getting rescheduled, there are several alternates to our distress.

Moreover, graduation seemed to an impossible event this year. However, high schools in Texas found out a way to make it happen. Despite the cancelation like the other events, a collective idea helped to bid farewell for the 2020 passing students. Plus, it took place with its own uniqueness that will be memorabilia for years to come.

Little Elm High School in Little Elm, Texas organized the graduation ceremony at a pretty unusual place: Texas Motor Speedway. The maxim was to let the thing continue as the previous year’s but also with the social distancing rules being taken into consideration. The plan came up after a Zoom meeting between Denton County Judge Andy Eads and other county officials.

When a school superintendent raised the question of how graduation ceremonies would be conducted this year, Andy Eads introduced the officials with his wonderful idea. “Texas Motor Speedway is just a wonderful resource for us in Denton County, and we should take advantage of it,” he said. The place which once gathered more than 100,000 spectators during the NASCAR races has now been changed to a stage for the graduation events. Little Elm’s Principal Elizabeth Priddy said: “When we had this opportunity presented to us, it was like, ‘That’s it. We’re outside. We can social distance. And it’s a huge venue,'”

Meanwhile, Little Elm is not the only one to organize the event in such a fashion. Over 31 other high schools would put up the ceremony at the speedway. The speedway is situated near Fort Worth and as per several authorities, it can be temporarily the best place for the commencement ceremonies. The graduates would be walking from the margin of seats on the left side of the end line to that of the seats on the right side of the finish line.

They got their diplomas in the middle where the pictures will be taken. Moreover, the seats have been organized keeping social distancing restrictions in the view. On the day of Little Elm’s ceremony, the stands had been left empty. The families of the graduates were required to watch the ceremony on the speedway’s jumbotron (Big Hoss) while sitting inside their cars in the parking lot.

Several videos of it have been posted on the Internet. Another ceremony held by the Fred Moore High School was put on May 22. Mike Mattingly, an associate superintendent, shared pictures of the event on Twitter. Another institute, Byron Nelson High School in Trophy Club, Texas, celebrated the event at the same place.

Anthony Innmon, one of the seniors, who graduated from Byron Nelson High School said to Forth Worth Star-Telegram: “At one point we thought it wasn’t going to happen. Things were getting canceled, breaks extended and we didn’t go back to school. But it’s very fulfilling to have graduation like this.”

Instead of reprieving the ceremonies, particularly using the speedway is so flabbergasting in itself. Such distinct solutions can help ease several pandemonia during a difficult phase like an outbreak. Finding out a way out of the worst is the best thing we can contemplate now.