Security Team Took Care Of All Plants In An Office Building During Lockdown

Never had we expected such a pandemic to erupt every walks of life in just one night. The unprecedented situation came up with all of the workplaces being emptied one after the other. Well, there was still a query for the leftovers in the offices.

We had to ponder a little on what we needed to bring back home but surely, it wasn’t the time to consider bringing plants and flowers. Everyone might have expected that they would survive on their own and surprisingly, that hope transpired to be true. One of the posts on Tumblr explained how the same happened in the UK and how the plants kept growing even when no one was there to take care of them. The user wafflesrisa shared her story pertaining to the consequences.

She works at a law firm in an office complex. As soon as the lockdown was declared, her building had to be emptied overnight and there was the arrival of ‘work from home’ period. So, she couldn’t even find time to bring anything to her home, not even the plants. Since then, 18 weeks (3.5 months) had passed by and nobody had any idea if the plants were still alive or dead.

To her surprise, they did. They, in fact, kept growing as always and not just the plants at her law firm but the entire building. All the employees received an e-mail about how their plants were taken care of during the lockdown. They were obviously curious to know who looked after them. Well, it was one of the security guards who is also a florist. “and the security team has moved EVERY SINGLE PLANT from all 12 FLOORS of our office building into the cafeteria,” she added.

The guard had brought them all into the cafeteria as it faces east and there’s a good amount of sunlight. There were a plethora of flora species ranging from cacti, succulents, spider plants, terrariums to potted ferns, and many more. To remember whom they all belonged to, each of the plants was labeled with post-it notes which had names and desk locations written on them.

With the story, there were also some pictures of the cafeteria which had now become a jungle. It also showed how these plants were properly taken care of. She said: “The plants are being taken care of tenderly. They get sun and water and are spending happy times with other plant friends.” Above all, photos of all the plants are regularly being uploaded to Google Doc to help the members see their plant’s progress. As for waffles, her cactus has grown at least an inch longer since the pandemic.

In one of the pictures, if you look closely, you can see the florist, waving his hands from one end. The post soon went viral on Tumblr, proliferating to more than 41,300 notes altogether. Surely, the credit goes to the security team who took good care of the plants and flowers as it all commenced with their artwork only.