Restaurant Invites ‘Cardboard Customers’ To Fill The Voids

Several businesses had come to the halt for an unpredictable amount of time. However, it cannot be like this forever, so things need to get back to normal. On the flip side, even customers are reluctant to go out due to this global threat, and engaging them becomes another hurdle. This is why several restaurants, café, and pubs are about to run as earlier but with several social distancing measures being taken into account.

Besides, enforcing the measures and considering all other preventions would also take months to bring the situation to its ground state. For now, innovative ideas can do the work in various ways. You must have heard about the restaurants and café ensuring social distancing rules with their own uniqueness. Some instances include putting stuffed pandas, capybaras, mannequins with exquisite outfits, etc.

Now, when restaurants began to reopen at New South Wales, Australia, they devised something more creative. As per the social distancing guidelines, a maximum of 10 customers can be allowed inside the restaurant. However, most of us had this innate proclivity to spend our time with our beloved ones. For them, these places would surely be lacking the exuberant environment. So, we are bound to experience some oddity in the beginning before getting used to it.

So, in order to make the visitors feel normal, a restaurant owner has put in many ‘cardboard customers.’ Doing so will not only help in obeying the rules but will also help those who are fond of a lively eating environment. Leaving the chairs empty could be replaced with the cardboard replicas that seem to occupy the entire restaurant along with the real people.

Posted by Five Dock Dining on Monday, May 18, 2020

Five Dock Dining owner Frank Angeletta, from Sydney, posted her initiative on Facebook, saying:
“In light of everything happening, like all other small businesses we are still trying to serve our customers as best we can. We are so grateful for the recognition we’ve received over the past week. Although most of our patrons right now are 2D we are so thankful to those who have dined in and are planning to do so.”

And it looks like the cardboard idea is working well for Five Dock Dining as it has been already booked out. For more comfort, Frank has tried creating an atmosphere like it was, before the lockdown. The inclusion of pummeling cutlery and people gossiping all around, the surrounding appears to be more serene to the explorers.