Replace Judgment With Gratitude And Open Doors For Positivity

Are you on your way to express a judgment based on how things appear to you in a situation? Here’s your warning – take a step back and think if that judgment will serve any good to you. Replace this action with a positive one and then go ahead. You’ll be glad that we stopped you midway while you were headed towards negativity.

You can’t just go on distributing your opinions around as that’s not healthy. Throw some confetti instead of opinions! That would be magical and will not come back to haunt you in your dreams. Judgment might give you instant satisfaction but it won’t let you have a good night’s sleep when things take a turn.

There is a lot to a person that what you see. Even after you have met them quite a few times, you haven’t really uncovered all the layers. So, presenting your view on how they are is the last thing you want to do. It won’t reap a pleasant relationship.

Once you start judging people or situations, it becomes a habit and you can feel yourself drowning in a sea of opinions that carry no significance in the real world. We can’t be blinded by this judgment as that just obstructs our vision to see a beautiful world that lies right in front of us. Don’t miss out on the wonderful aspects just because you were trying to look “cool” wearing the glasses of judgment.

We have a brilliant alternative to these glasses that would make you feel good (and look amazing!) for a long time instead of just getting momentary happiness. Replace judgment with gratitude and you won’t drown anymore.

Practicing gratitude is like a way out from all the discomforts you experience in your head. It will heal and if you don’t believe us, give it a try! Gratitude would take you on a journey that is lit up with positivity. Your heart won’t feel heavy with the feelings of hatred, fear, and frustration once there is an appreciation for everyone and everything in your mind.

It is obvious that things won’t go according to your will all the time but keep a thankful attitude towards such circumstances too as they arrive to leave you with a lesson. When there is gratitude, there is no vacancy for bleakness. Make gratitude a habit. Just as you eat food or drink water, make it a part of your routine. Gratitude is life-changing!

Recall any instance where you threw a judgment without giving a second thought to what the consequences can be or acting ignorant to all the aspects related to that “comment”. We bet you could not tell then but it didn’t bring anything good to the table. Now, take yourself there again and replace the judgment with gratitude and imagine how different things could have been in this case.

It is easy to pass an opinion and leave the room. But don’t expect that you’ll leave alone, negativity will follow and might disrupt your peace. You didn’t sign up for that but indirectly, you called it!

We know that making a shift from judgment to gratitude is not easy as you have to swim towards the shore as we get too deep in a habit. But even if it’s hard, it’s worth all the efforts. Let’s put our egos on one side and develop a sense of gratefulness!