Photographer Lets Boys See Themselves As Their Favorite Disney Princesses

Nobody should be criticized for the choices based on their gender. A photographer believes that and helps boys see themselves as their favorite Disney princesses. The photographer has been helping many people achieve their dream of Disney princess. She believes that nobody should be judged and feel ashamed of the choices they make.

Photographer Kitty Wolf started with regal ladies for parties and then moved to Princesscapades Princess Parties. She owns Princesscapades Princess Parties as she loves how the Disney princesses can own anybody’s heart. She organizes parties so that she can help children meet Cinderella, Belle, or Princess Aurora. With every party, there was so much fun and realizations. She realized that how boys are always left out with the Disney Princess themed parties.

The photographer shared on her website that: “During my time as a princess performer, company owner, and preschool assistant, I have seen boys being told that princesses are ‘just for girls’ or that liking princess and especially dressing as one somehow makes them weak, inferior or not boys. They’re told it’s not manly, or macho, or normal. This leads boys to feel ashamed of their interests, confused, sad, and lonely. I simply feel that a child’s imagination should not be limited by their gender.”

The Chicago based photographer launched a project, especially for the boys named “Boys, Can Be Princesses Too”. The boys who want to dress up and take pictures with princesses can do it or otherwise can play in the fields. The Facebook Page of the project when was launched attracted a lot of attention in 2019. The mission of the project is simple and in the photographer’s words it is “Because no child should feel ashamed of the things that bring them joy.”

Many boys took part in the project trying to break the stereotypes and one of them was thirteen-year-old Liam. The project aims “specifically to be an ally to boys that like to dress up as princesses.” The Facebook page of the project suggests, “He thinks it’s important that everyone should feel comfortable being who they are.” Liam teamed up in the true warrior style with Mulan. Another boy Kai was so excited to meet Princess Moana that he jumped for joy!

Many mothers also came out and shared their son’s joys on clicking pictures with the Disney princesses. Everett’s mom wrote on the Facebook page “I think people are often scared about what other people will think. But when you get right down to it, you’d rather your kids be happy than random strangers be happy.” Many people sent their entries after Kitty started the project and sent emails to many people. She even shared a post on social media.

The post was as “I’ve had lots of setbacks with this project but despite everything I am still committed to continuing this project and spreading the message that Boys can be princesses too! Stay tuned for the next set of photos!” There was a side note as well for the readers as Kitty has sent personal emails to many of her contacts. Let’s enjoy it irrespective of gender.