Own Up To Your Identity And Allow Yourself To Be Seen

We have always been taught to be in our shell and do as we are told to do. But is it really the way we want to lead our life? Not me! I’d want to change the story people told me to follow. I want to be seen and that is what I want you to follow. It’s time for you to allow yourself to be “you” and be out there, unapologetically.

We know saying such philosophical stuff is way easier than applying it in real life. We will try not to ask you to spread your wings and take a leap; you might just fall flat on your face. But we’d suggest you to at least not hide who you actually are.

You have your own experiences and they are unlike others. Everyone is different so you can’t have the same story. People tell you to be perfect and embrace the good parts of you. But what about the parts that are not so perfect and are not ready to fit in the norms of the society?

Are you willing to throw those parts out of you? No, right?

No one can do that and no one should.

Our imperfections, our darkness, our deep thoughts are what actually makes us. Hiding them is no way to live.

We are not saying to go out and tell people about your inner dark secrets, that’s definitely not what we mean to say. All we are saying is that if you have something in you that you think doesn’t fit in the “norms” of our fake society, try to give it a shape, a creative one.

Give those feelings a sense of sight, hearing, or any form people can appreciate.

Be out there with your thought, feelings, action and embrace the mess you are.

Nobody is ever going to be perfect and don’t even aim to be the epitome of perfection.

Do people call you oversensitive? Too emotional? Stone-hearted? Too practical? Too ambitious?

Just know that the terms like “too” and “over” are figurative. No such thing exists in this world. You are who you are and you are never going to be “TOO YOU”.

You are just going to be “you”.