One Should Be Thankful To The Ones Who Hurt Us

It is not about someone being good or bad. It is about how you perceive things and how you let that affect yourself. The ones who hurt us are the ones who contribute to our growth the most. One should be thankful for who hurt you. Because at the end it is all part of your journey and one should see at the bigger picture.

Getting hurt by the ones closest to you with a special throne in your heart affects the most. You cared and got hurt does not mean that you stop caring about people. It only means that you tried something that did not and you genuinely gave 100 percent in doing in so. You do not get what you envisioned and got hurt because you did something that others are afraid of doing.

No one expects to get hurt in the exchange of care and love. One always expects love from their forever person. But when you ponder you get to know what you want in your life. All the emotions then generated help you understand what you want in your life. It helps you to grow. It is messy and dark at that time but when you deal with the emotions and feelings they can guide you to a beautifully lighted path.

You come out as more compassionate and stronger than before. It is all a part of the process of growth. What is important is not how much hurt the person has given you. It is about what the relationship with anyone has taught you. What is good for you, what you should expect, what you want in any relationship and ultimately what you want in your life?

He person might change but what you learn always remains with you. One cannot control what others do to you but one can always control how they respond to it. How you react to it, how you perceive it and how you move on matters. That is the bigger picture and a more prominent part of your journey. Love and peace with others are important.

But love with yourself is more important. Having a good and strong relationship at the end is what will make your soar. Having a lovely, peaceful and healthy relationship with oneself is what matters. When one comes peace with their emotions and feeling, they grow into a kinder human being. You are caring for others than and you can feel what others are going through.

You are more sorted. The kindest of the kindest have pulled and gone through the toughest of times. Even after going through hard times if a person softens instead of hardening that is growth. When you heal and grow you realize what you are capable of and what you are worthy of. You realize your worth.

The process emits a huge amount of knowledge and light which has the real meaning of life in it. The lessons are important for growth, to stand up for ourselves, to stand up for good in life. At the end of life is all about moving on and it is all about accepting and forgiving. There is always a lesson, a lesson of forgiveness and let go.