Mom Used Lockdown Period To Make Quarantine Art On Sidewalk

A mother named Casey Drake is working out some great sidewalk artworks with her childhood love for chalk art. The mother from Orlando is on her way to draw her thoughts on the sidewalks with chalks of vibrant shades. Casey is using her chalk art to paint out some important reminders and COVID-19 related warnings and health recommendations and suggestions.

The lockdown period is turning out a blessing in disguise for the artists across the world. The creative souls are taking their artistic hats out to relive their dreamy moments. They are letting the creative vibes take on the world full of agonies. The times of turmoil are opening up the gates of amusement for the art lovers. A mother named Casey Drake is taking to the street with her art love.

Casey, like her other counterparts, was toiling hard to sail through the torrents of COVID-19. But her fight took a different turn as compared to other souls. The mother from Orlando (Florida) tried to overcome the gloomy sphere of lockdown by unleashing the waves of art. She grabbed her gems of solace in the alleys of her childhood. Her chalk love made its way back into her life with the tough times raging wildly.

She grabbed hold of chalks of different shades and stepped out to paint her surroundings with her creativity. Her eyes landed on the faded sidewalks that were too bearing the brunt of the lockdown. The emptied streets filled her heart with the urge to pour out her thoughts there. Listening to her heart, she settled down to carry out the chalk art. Her mind wandered to absorb the severity of time floating around. Her hands started to tune to the thoughts that gushed down her creative nerves sensing the salience of art themes.

The themes of art pieces on the concrete canvas revolved around the virus shocks. She went ahead to paint out some pleasant reminders to ring in the hearts of the troubled passerby’s. One of her chalk arts carried the message- “There’s No Place Like Home. No, Seriously, Stay Home”. The art piece also has a girl with a basket passing a smile. A rainbow also festoons the scene at the background to ignite a ray of hope for the world.

Another art piece disseminates the message of social distancing. A dog couple enjoys dinner delight with a message- “Extra Long Table For Two, Please”. The importance of sanitation also shines in her chalk art. A big pack of tissue papers with “GREAT SCOTT!” shimmers in the art piece. Another chalk art piece says, “YOU KNOW WHO’S BEEN BUYING UP ALL THE TOILET PAPER?”.

She then walks ahead to list out five stages of quarantine. The first stage is of fear. The artist draws a cartoon character from Pixar’s Inside Out shivering with fear with stacks of medical protective elements piling at the back.

Chalks are thus gradually forming an essential chunk of the art palate for the artists.