Mom Launches An Online Shop For Selling Disability-Inclusive Dolls

While raising a kid, a lot depends on what the little one is exposed to in terms of the toys and games they play. They learn and grasp the things they hear and watch. This is why it becomes so important to foster an inclusive environment around them. Since many children choose dolls as their favorite toy, one mom decided to create and sell disability-inclusive dolls that had not yet found their place on the shelves at stores.

Although we have come a long way since toys especially dolls only represented one part of society. Now, we have those dolls in all beautiful colors and shapes that send the right message to the young ones about how diverse and amazing this world is!

Famous brands including Barbie began selling these toys and accessories a long time ago. Of course, the brand customized and created new things to keep pace with the changing times. From blue-eyed blonde dolls in 1959 to 176 different dolls with 35 skin tones, nine body types, 22 eye colors, and 94 hairstyles, the company evolved and gave the kids an insight into the world they would be living in.

However, one mom realized that something was missing in the collection. The dolls were not disability-inclusive and that needed to change! The kids with cleft lip, feeding tubes, hearing aids, and surgical scars deserve a customized doll too.

This mom, Clare, stepped up and opened an Etsy shop, BrightEars, that has disability-inclusive dolls and accessories available.


In her Etsy shop description, she wrote, “I am Mum to two girls, my youngest (Matilda) is Deaf and wears bilateral hearing aids. I started making Retainers for her as I found the standard ones to be a little dull and didn’t really reflect her personality! I then made a doll for her……and that’s how BrightEars was born!”

This incredible shop sells dolls and accessories for kids with special needs and a range of abilities. The price range varies for every beautiful inclusive hand-made doll. One with a cleft lip costs around $45.99 and another that has a feeding tube sells for $40.58.

Every doll is unique and special in its own way just like the kids who will play with them. This project is a celebration of every child and their uniqueness.

When children have something in their hand that appears so familiar to them, it is bound to uplift them and bring a smile to their adorable faces.

The thoughtful manufacturer of this company is based in the United Kingdom. So, it may take a while to reach the customers in the United States. But if you have planned in advance, you can definitely receive the order delivered on time.

These dolls would change the way people view toys. They have opened the gates to a much-needed change this place craved!