Man With Autism Spent 589 Days Picking Trash From Hiking Trail

Cleaning is a tough job for some people. Many people see it as a job involving a bit of dusting, mopping and hoovering and they can’t even go for 2 days straight. So, it would be next to impossible for such people to believe how a 20-year-old guy just went on for 589 days straight to clean up a hiking spot in California.

This boy who apparently suffers from Autism did a stunning job. He went on to pick up all the trash which he came across on a popular hiking spot in California. And to do this it took him 589 days to clear all that up. It’s easier said than done. He left no stone unturned to make sure that the place was as clean as it should be. He also shared his initiative on social media stating about Los Angeles’s most popular hiking spot being finally clear off of municipal waste.

All of this started when McGregor visited the trail in the Angeles National Forest for the first time and how eventually disappointment took over him when he saw the miserable condition of the place. The negligible amount of cleaning in the trail spoke volumes about the problems of poor governance that led to a crippling problem like that. And since that day he decided that he wanted to make a change. He had anticipated that cleaning would take about a year or so but it anyhow went even more than that.

Each day he started bit by bit. Managed to pick up trash in 60 mph winds and heat exceeding 120 degrees. In spite of such difficulties, he made sure he cleaned the trail until it was entirely neat and clean. The most beautiful thing was he never got tired of doing this job. Instead, he used to get excited to start his day with the cleaning stuff. With each day passing, he added more and more efforts to make it a better place than before.

He did not pay heed about the litterbugs and simply engrossed himself in the work. And once the change could be seen, wild animals could also be spotted again, returning to their clean environment which had earlier took a massive toll on their lives. And once all of this was over, he could see the tangible difference he had made with every passing day. He did not just add his contributions but instead even requested the Parks and Rec Department to do further cleaning and maintenance.

He was beyond elated to see the difference that was seen after almost 2 years of laborious hard work and determination. Despite being suffering from autism, McGregor still wants to contribute more and more to the environment in the present as well as the future. He was even appreciated by a well-known environmentalist for his great efforts. He believes that he wants to pass on this legacy of love and care for our mother earth to his offspring as well and wants to make the world a better place to live.