Lad Chops Away Lengthy Hair And Donates Them For Welfare

Each day we hear or come across many acts of people who aid others. One such altruistic act was recently seen. A little kid did something alluring for social welfare. He gifted his lustrous hair which cascaded down below his waist.

A lad who is currently 10 did not go for a haircut inthe past 2 years. During this time his hair grew tremendously. This young child is benevolent, compassionate, and has a heart of gold. Gabriel Rowcroft-James is the name of the lad. He resides in Milton Keynes.

Gabriel had gigantic hair and wished to have a hairdo since the half- past year.Finally, he had the hair chopped off and surprisingly almost 12 inches of hair was slit. In 2 years he had his first hair cut. His hair was cut very short at the back and sides with slightly thicker, longer hair on the top of the head.

He was eager for a haircut but with terms and conditions. He did not want his lengthy, tow-colored, and, curvedhair to go in vain. This generous boy discovered a charity where he could give away his hair. The hair that he would present for the welfare would be converted to a toupee. Other children who would require a toupee would be using it.

Gabriel indulged in some fact-finding before stepping ahead. The name of the trust where he contributed hair is Little Princess Trust. This lad not only gifted his hair to the trust but also collected funds for the same. He learned that it costs 500 pounds to tweak a toupee. He then collected a sum of 1200 pounds for the trust.


Moreover, this son involved his mommy, Rozi into this. He made her chop her hair and contribute it to the welfare. Rozi did so and now has a typical pixie cut. She could give 16 inches of hair to the trust. She is a mathematics teacher by profession. She and her son were captivated by their hairdos. Further, she said that they had collected enough funds for the trust. With 1200 pounds, the trust can make 2 and half toupees.

Gabriel was ecstatic and he diligently engaged in publicity all over the parish for raising funds. He inscribed about it in the local church news sheet and spread word of mouth in his Scouts group.Also, the mom exclaimed that Gabriel was sagacious. He acquired an understanding of toupees and the trust- how it functions in and out. He also made other humans aware of the same. However, he felt a bit absurd when he woke up as all his hair was chopped off.

Initially, he was edgy as he possessed lengthy hair but with time he could acclimate. Eventually, he felt content when he realized that his hair could be of use to someone who does not have hair. Also, his hair would sprout again. He currently is altering the hair color between green and blue. Rozi believed this all can be downed to the family.

Her husband, Mark lost all his hair in chemotherapy during the initial years of his life. She explained: “It’s not something that Gabriel saw or experienced himself, but his dad has told him about it – so this does have a personal level to it for us.”

Such noble people and amusing actions never fail to astonish us!