Knitters Donated Winterwear For Bald Opossum Who Would’ve Died Of Cold

A hairless opossum saw the light of life after teetering over the cliff of death. The nimble being was living in solitary in a car park in Texas when she met humanity. She reached the ‘South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center’ and received help. However, the intense cold deteriorated her condition. Finally, knitters poured their love through woolens for her.

The world is not devoid of humanity even in the boom of concrete jungles. Noble souls continue to sustain the pearls of goodness to stifle the world from losing out on its sheen and beauty. No matter whether it is a human or any other creature, help manages to bend its way. A hairless opossum cherished the best of humanity when many knitters popped to lend her survival.

The creature was living her darkest phase in solitary in a car park in Texas (USA). Soon, she managed to allure heed of a passerby who dropped her off outside the ‘South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center’ in a box. To her delight, the executive director named Gail Barnes found the box. Initially, she thought that the box contained some paperwork. She turned back to place the box at its destination. On her way back, she sensed the blot of a surprise when a hairless arm popped out.

She took it to be a hairless cat. But a chill ran down her spine when she discovered it to be a hairless opossum. The poor creature was dying with cold. She caught the call of the time and rushed inside. The team at the Centre placed her in an incubator and checked her body temperature. They started praying for the odds to favor her. However, clouds of danger began to build up again when it snowed.

But they did not budge. They worked out an appeal for winter clothes for the creature. To the delight of her rescuers, knitters around gave her the immunity to brave the cold with their woolens. They did not knit for her present size only. But they also kept in mind her future needs.

The woolen gifts would accompany her in her lifetime as she cannot venture into the wild due to her alopecia (an autoimmune disease which causes hair loss). Well, that’s not a reason to worry to her. The Centre has planned to make her a part of their fraternity after she grows six months old (eligible for a permit).

Shedding some light on her first encounter with her, Gail shared, “I went out to the drop off and retrieved a box and assumed the paperwork was in the box. As I was walking back to the main building a hairless arm pops out of the box. I immediately thought it was a hairless cat. Much to our surprise it was a hairless opossum”.

Taking on her condition, she shared, “She was very cold and we immediately placed her in an incubator to regulate her body temperature. She weighed 132 grams. Fortunately we had not had any cold weather. Two days later, we had ice and snow. She would not have survived if this Good Samaritan had not brought her to the center”.

Celebrating her health, she shared, “The public has knitted sweaters of all sizes to fit our new opossum. She now weighs 583 grams. She eats a diet of crickets, meal worms, apple sauce, yogurt and fruit and vegetables”.

Thus, the opossum is living her life to the best while waiting for her name.