Kind Dad Builds Desks For Students Adjusting To Remote Learning

When students had to make a sudden shift in their learning process with schools shutting down and their homes becoming their classrooms, a lot changed around the houses. The students had to find a comfortable spot to attend their online classes and that invited a mess. So, one dad took it into his own hands to build desks for his children, and soon, his invention became popular and reached the community.

Mitch Couch, 44, had been observing his home turning into a school and workplace during the lockdown and that didn’t please him. Textbooks and notes took up all the space on the kitchen table and the living room could only be seen decorated with laptops.

This needed to change and that’s when a brilliant idea struck him. Mitch, a building inspector from Lemoore, California, grabbed his tools and dedicated his time towards building desks. He designed them in such a way that his kids could take their online classes, do their work, and store their stuff – all of it on this genius creation.

These low-cost and super useful desks gained many likes on social media when Mitch shared some pictures online. His inbox flooded with people admitting that they want to make these as well but can’t find their way around it.

So, this creative dad ensured that he can teach some people and uploaded a video tutorial on YouTube guiding the viewers step-by-step. However, this was just the beginning for this kind man!

Turns out, his video reached the owners of a local grocery store who then contacted him. He wrote on his Instagram, “The owners of the local Grocery Outlet saw my diy desk video and asked me if i could make some desks for them. They wanted to donate them to the local schools for the kids who are in need because of distant learning. I didn’t hesitate to help them out.”


This warm-hearted man completed the target of building 40 such desks and received another order to make 50 more. His project just took off!

Mitch set up a GoFundMe page and has decided to keep going forward with this project and buy the material to construct the desks using the donations.

“I started making desks a little over a month ago and have not stopped since. I plan on making more desks as long as there are children in need,” he shared.

These effective and affordable desks have changed the scenario of remote learning in various homes. The students have found one comfortable place to learn and store their school-related stuff.

“The feedback has been 100 percent positive. The gratitude expressed to me has been overwhelming and it literally is what keeps me going. I even heard back from one mother that said her child is excited now for school because they have their own desk,” he revealed.

His generous act proved to be uplifting and helpful to many people in the community. The times have been equally challenging for everyone and only positive events like these keep us going!