Kid Reached Over 100k YouTube Subscribers After Celebrating 2 Subscribers

In an unexpected incident, a kid who lived in Philippines woke up to a mammoth 100,000 YouTube subscribers. It happened when her post which celebrated 2 subscribers went popular and viral. The post consisted of her photo where she was smiling and it described how joyous she was with her 2 subscribers.

The girl named Mary Grace Escober was an ambitious vlogger who carried a torch for famous Youtubers and TikTok stars like Ranz Kyle, Niana Guerrero, and Zeinab Harake. She took to Facebook where she posted a photo of herself smiling with two candles adorning the cake. She thanked her two subscribers and was celebrating the same. She thanked them in the post by her words, “2 Subscribers, Thank you”.

However, to her surprise, her lovely celebration was flooded on the internet and had gained a lot of popularity and attention. In addition to this, her subscribers skyrocketed within few hours. Not only this, her video was liked by as many as 242,000 people and it took to 82,000 shares and 20,000 comments. People were filled with gusto and were quite eager for the little kid. People showered their blessings with comments like, “Keep it up!”, “You deserve it” “You have a grateful heart and a gentle soul,” said Tuesday Anne G “Greetings from Germany!”

The kid and her family even posted a bunch of photos to cherish and commemorate her new benchmark. The family toasted this by balloons that spelled out “100K”. Mary Grace expressed her gratitude by thanking her new fans for their belief in her and for their support. She told how stunned she was when she saw her original post going viral. In an interview she told she always aspired to become a Youtuber as she wanted to make people happy.

Well, sometime back, she had started her YouTube channel where she focused and defined her everyday life in the city of Bacolod, Negros Occidental through her vlogs. Surprisingly, she had one lakh thirty-one thousand subscribers on her channel. On top of it, she had Question and Answers videos where she answered the most trending questions that she received on her Face book post. The question varied from her favorite school subject to her goal for future and life accomplishments or her most preferred food item.

No doubt, that it was a charming story. Her unpretentious celebration of 2 subscribers fortuitously prompted her channel to be seen by lakhs of people making it at a stardom’s level pulling the strings of million’s heart. Such kind of news is indeed the need of hour that elevates one’s mood.