Keeping Busy Might Not Be A Good Thing

With the time flipping around with every passing second, humans try their best to keep themselves accompanied with a big platter of tasks. Things have gone down to such a length that being busy has become a synonym for productivity. In that blind fray, souls are losing out on their precious moments and relations by mixing up the two facets.

The age of Millennial has brought up a completely transformed world for human beings. Gone are days when people used to find solace in living their life to the full in their way. In present times, trends floating around are replacing the minds to maneuver lives in the torrents of advancement. People are going for the ways that can add to their reputation in the professional and personal sphere. The statement of being “busy” is ruling the day to day interactions.

The word ‘busy’ is gradually losing its essence and becoming a symbol of one’s productivity and hardships. Social interactions are getting imbued with the fray of proving one busier than the other counterpart. Everyone is going around flaunting the preoccupations to reflect on superiority over others. It is also evolving as a way of gathering applause and empathy from others. Thus, it is not odd to see people engaged in the war of words trying to prove life tougher than that of the opponents.

A win in that fray fills one with immense proud of being busier than others. Bickering about one’s life is thus becoming a new ruling trend. Finding one’s friend busy makes one feel low on energy and will. The realization fills one with guilt of being unproductive relative to the racing world. In the pursuit of banishing that guilt, one starts around for errands that can win back one’s self-esteem.

However, this urge to win the fray of getting busier is not a zero-sum game. While following the trend blindly, one ends up messing with the allocation of time. Unrelated and trivial tasks come on the surface after getting a large chunk of time while the indispensable one sinks deep in the water of pretence. As a result, there stirs up the possibility of drifting away from the goals and golden opportunity festooning the trail.

Ultimately, one ends up finding the way into the nets of narcissism; living far from the world full of love and joy. Relations stand in bleak corner eyeing their demise. Family and friends move out to give way to the air of pride.

However, there is still some shine in the air. Only introspection and self-talk can lead one out of the gloomy scenarios. Souls need to draw the line back separating the sphere of getting busy and getting productive. The need of the hour is to list the tasks following their relevance in one’s life. The pearls of relief ensconce in the process of filtering one’s life of trivial issues and errands.

Giving suffice time to one’s life is the key to unlock the obscured treasures.