It’s Okay To Not Be Enough

Enough is a word that we hear every day in our lives. But does that word bring happiness in our lives or just worry and sadness. Is it okay to compare ourselves with others despite achieving so much and not feeling worthy? What everyone needs to understand is that it is okay not to be enough.

Enough is a subjective word and everyone has their meaning of it. But the most saddening tale about this word is that we try to measure the different versions of enough made by society. We try to measure to the never-ending expectations set by people. In the race of measuring with the expectations and continuously comparing to others, we start losing our identity.

We not only start losing our real selves but we also forget that enough is an immeasurable word and cannot be defined. There is no point in trying to meet the expectations set by someone else because there are never-ending, there is no point in acting according to someone else’s desires. You should only live according to your heart’s desire.

Change is the only constant but that change should be on your terms and conditions. It should not depend on what others think and believe. You have to believe in yourself and the process of the universe. Some might reach a point earlier and some late that does not mean one is moving and other is not. It means everyone is moving but at their pace. Everyone is contestant changing and reshaping.

If you will keep on measuring yourself from someone else’s eye you will never be enough. You will feel that you are not worthy. But you have to understand that everyone is worthy. Do not live in the illusion of getting perfect you are imperfectly perfect. Do not listen to the people who tell you to be perfect because no one is. Not only live according to the never-ending expectations of society but also remember that you do not have to match the timeline set by the society.

Complete your journey at your pace without comparing yourself to others. Stop hiding your true self because society does not like your fierce or sweet self. Everyone is unique in their way and does not lose that uniqueness trying to please someone else or trying to meet some expectations that won’t even matter.

Believe in yourself, believe in your journey, believe in the person you are becoming. Believe in self-love, believe in self-care, believe in your happiness, believe in pampering yourself. It is okay to be selfish sometimes and it is okay to not be enough. Stop running in a race without happiness, love, and peace. We all will get there at our pace.

Believe in completing your journey with peace and happiness. Stop comparing yourselves and stop meeting the expectations and goals set by society. You are worth it and validation from someone else is not that matters. Your happiness, growth, and validation is all that matters. It is okay to not be enough. Enjoy your imperfectly perfect self.