It Is Okay To Feel Lost And Uncertain

One might not believe in God or the process of the universe. But one has to accept the fact that when one feels lost they try to seek help from the universe. Any sign or anything that will make one feel secure and will tell that you are on the right track. Everyone comes across the situation where one feels as of they are lost and it is okay.

The feeling of feeling uncertain and lost id okay and everyone has to go through that feeling. It is the turning point in one’s life. The point when one realizes the bigger picture and realizes the purpose of their life. The feeling of uncertainty, feeling lost is inevitable, and whenever one will feel demotivated and nothing inspires you anymore the feeling of lostness generated in the mind.

It is okay to keep changing your direction until and unless you feel that the path you are walking on gives you satisfaction in the long run. But one cannot simply wait forever. They have to consistently do something and try things. More important than doing is believing. But only believing will also not take you anywhere, the action is important for a reaction.

Believe in yourself, the process of the universe, and keep on working. There is so much energy in you and the universe which keeps on working to get things done but at its pace. Everyone has a role to play in the bigger picture and feeling lost is just a phase of life that shall pass. Sometimes surrendering to the universe to have realizations is very important.

There are endless obstacles in one’s life. No one has got it simple everyone is fighting their battle regardless of what others think. But despite the battles and the hardships, one is exactly where they need to be. In the journey of life your mental, physical, emotional, and happiness is very important. If one is in peace with oneself nothing seems difficult anymore.

The feeling of lostness fades away too once you realize you are exactly where you need to be. And once you start developing a healthy relationship with yourself. A healthy relationship with one’s mind, body, and soul are essential for a peaceful and happy life. And in that process, you have to start believing. Start believing in something big, powerful, and positive.

Start believing in the universe it is not that cruel and negative as it seems to be. No one has got it all sorted, everyone is trying to figure out stuff and the journey of realizations is never-ending. Live in the moment because things which ultimately fall into place once you start believing in yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Sometimes you turn the wrong way on the path that you have decided but that is also fine. Each phase and chapter is important. But understand that it is just another chapter in your story. You have to trust yourself and the timing. One of the most important things is do not compare your journey with somebody else’s. Everyone will figure their way only the timing is different. Just Believe!