Husband Sends Heartwarming Letter To Hairdresser After Wife Passes Away

A man in agony wrote a letter to his late wife's hairdresser describing her final visit. In the letter, he wrote about her invaluable experience with the hairdresser. The final haircut made her feel pretty and, seeing her happy was priceless for him. The visit to the salon was one of the best last moments for her life.

In the grievance of his wife’s death, the husband wrote a heartwarming letter to thank the salon and the hairdresser for their extraordinary service. The man mentioned that it had been a long time now but the gratitude was due. The final visit meant so much to them. He wrote that his wife was suffering from dementia and Sara, the hairdresser took good care of her.

The couple was allowed to sit across each other and when her turn came for the haircut. He wanted to see the looks on her face while she got a haircut.

In the letter, he poured his heart out. He wrote that the experience at the salon turned out much finer than he expected. Further, he mentioned his wife passed away in March and how their visit was the best of a few last moments of her life. That day she kept on finding a way to look herself in the bathroom mirror. She had a twinkle in her eye each time she checked herself in the bathroom mirror. For the writer, it was a priceless emotion to see her smiling.


Further, he wrote how the hairdresser gave a dozen of haircuts that same day. But how special and a sense of self-love, a person can feel from just a haircut. He mentioned about the power she holds as a hairdresser and how easy it is to take things for granted sometimes.

This heartfelt letter was signed anonymously posted on Reddit. Reading the letter left Reddit users in tears. Reddit users understood the emotions behind the letter. People appreciated the gesture with lots of positive views. One user commented on the post mentioning how some people don’t see the impact they make on the other person’s life and this letter sheds light on that thought. The user further adds on how beautifully the letter is written.

Another user wrote that how fast people come forward to tell the business and other service providers about their negative experiences. Only if they let out the positive experiences too, it will boost the service provider’s moral. It will help them on their down days, seeing the good that comes out of their profession. A positive feedback encourages people to keep doing their thing. Another user got carried away on the line how she felt pretty and this made him carry.

Every good doing can make a ripple effect just like throwing a stone in water does. One good deed leads to another good deed. A simple act of kindness can have a huge impact on someone’s life. Keep sending positive vibes in the world; no one knows who might need it.