Hundreds Of People Came To The Courtroom To See This Boy Get Adopted

Doesn't it feel great when your wait for a miracle finally comes to an end after a long time? It does. Later, everything feels like it was worth waiting for the day when you’ll be free from all misfortunes. This kid felt the same after his time in foster care came to an end.

Now, just think about a kid who had been waiting for the last 1,553 days to get adopted by a family. The 8-year old kid, Nike Schwartz had been living in foster care after he was taken up by the Child Protective Services when they found out that his biological parents weren’t fit for his supervision and even used drugs at their home.

Finally, On Feb 17, Nike got adopted by a family and to his surprise, more than 300 people gathered in the Texas courtroom during that moment. Even Nike’s classmates and teachers, church members, neighbors, and a high school drill team were there to observe the scene. The crowd was also accompanied by a Batman. Cowboys gear was sent by The Dallas Cowboys which also included a signed football.

Buckner International, a Christian, non-profit adoption organization had taken this precious memory in photographs and videos. They had also worked with the family that adopted Nike, the Schwartz family from Allen, Texas. It consists of a 17-year old biological daughter, a 10-year old adopted daughter and now a new member Nike. Kristi Schwartz explained herself telling that she and her husband had no further plan on fostering more kids.

However, when they received a call for Nike’s adoption, they replied positively. Nike appeared on their door later that night on May 4, 2016. Kristi added, “You see these kids in their rawest form and you just feel this maternal instinct to want to provide that stability for them. For me and Nike, it was pretty quick that I knew that.” Besides, the foster care system wasn’t working well in Nike’s case. So, Elizabeth Cruz, the CPS caseworker requested the Schwartz family if they were ready to adopt the kid.

Although their team had been expecting Nike to get adopted within a year and more than 2 years went by, their expectations didn’t become true. Anne Marie Holstead, an adoption specialist at Buckner told that Nike always asked her when he was going to be adopted and she never had an answer for his query. But finally, that day came and Nike was happy to see a great heartwarming welcome from his new family. He also got a T-shirt saying “May the Schwartz be with you.”

Andi Harrison, Buckner International’s Adoption program director for North Texas explained how everyone at the agency was overjoyed with this wonderful news. She was also quite astonished to see such a huge assemblage of people during Nike’s adoption.

Moreover, she apprised that the number of children kept in foster care is close to half a million in the US and 33,000 of it is there in Texas only.