Homeless Woman Turned Her Life Around To Become A Life Coach

A woman named Soumaya Ettouji disposed of pandemic time to upend her life for better. She lost her job in Kenya to a financial crisis. It rendered her low on money, and she could not afford her rent. Digging for hope, she moved to England. The pandemic helped her to work on herself, and she emerged as a life coach.

It is the darkest before the break of dawn. The convention goes well to manifest the toil and rise of human life. Souls work out their best version while enduring through the lows of life. Struggles and turmoil bestow one with the power to cement new facets of life. A woman named Soumaya Ettouji lived through the phases to finally evolve with her best in the pandemic era.

Soumaya (mother of one) saw her marital life reduced to ashes as she was facing the dissolution of her marriage. But that was not all. Her professional front also crumbled down. Working as a regional sales and marketing manager for a luxury architecture and decoration company in Kenya, she lost her job to a financial crisis in December 2019.

The economic shock left her with no income source. She could not keep up with the rent payment. With no one around for her salvage, she lived with a family in Morocco before finally leaving for England. Making use of social media, she managed to locate accommodation. But the trauma of life shackled her. She began spending her time in guzzling down drinks and making bellows of smoke.

The mornings greeted her with rancor, making her sick of life. Then the pandemic blues hit the world. It locked her in her home and made her quit smoking. Not just that, it also opened up ample time for her to take up healthy ways of life. She began to focus on her mental and physical health.

Making strides, she gradually knocked on the doors of spirituality. Meditation and prayers became a part of her mundane. She started breathing solace and finally unshackled herself from the burden of her past life.

Following the course of time, she began counseling her friends and acquaintances. They began to recommend her to others. Finally, she began to see a life coach in her. Embracing the new start, she took a certification in the domain and started an online platform- Soulty Sister. The pandemic thus ended up carving a life coach out of her.

Shedding light on the dreadful phase of her life, she shared, “I didn’t know what to do professionally, I didn’t have good relationships with my family… I was a mess! Then the first lockdown happened. In the past I would go out a lot to forget my problems. Socializing and traveling had become like a distraction from my sad reality, on top of drinking and smoking”.

Adding to that, she shared, “At first it was horribly uncomfortable to be at home and alone with my thoughts. I had to face everything that was holding me back: past traumas, abandonment wound, anger and resentment for the men in my life”.

Exulting her present state, she said, “I don’t have anger or resentment anymore towards the whole world for misunderstanding me or not helping me the way I needed it. I take responsibility for what happens to me. I feel grateful for what I have even if it is not perfection, it’s perfect for now”.

Rays of eternal solace have finally mended her broken life.