High School Basketball Player Gave His Shoes To Opponent Who Didn’t Have Any

Matt Montie, a varsity and a high school basketball player for Wakefield-Marensico had gone viral for his off the court gesture towards a player of the opposing team. It was a type of thing that got right to the core of what sports was actually meant to be about. Matt had noticed a player from the opposing Dollar Bay, who’d been playing in shoes that weren’t suitable for basketball.

Once the game had ended, he’d quietly given his shoes to the other school’s athletic director so that he could pass the same to the JV player. He’d announced to the local media that he wanted the kid to get a chance to play in true basketball shoes, in case, some Le Brons from Nike.

Matt had told a local newspaper outlet that he’d felt what it seemed to be young and unable to afford a decent pair of shoes for basketball. He added that he’d known how badly it sucked. Basketball shoes were a necessity. He’d rolled a lot of ankles by not wearing the right shoes for the right stuff. And let the record state that wearing proper shoes was imperative for all of us. He’d rolled ankles himself after when he’d foolishly decided to pick up hoops in his Air Monarchs.

Matt Montie, who’d also been a football player, had said that he’d learnt that lesson the harder way, after multiple ankle injuries. He expressed that he’d felt good to be able to help someone else. He also added that they weren’t really god shoes but he hoped that the player might like them. It should always be about competing on the court and at the same time having the comradeship off the court and the desire to help each other out.

Parents have always been pushy about sending their kids for sports for multiple reasons, especially because of the longshot hope of a college scholarship. But the action right there wasn’t more valuable than any highlight on the ground. It’s a sort of thing that lets you know that you’re doing your job as the parent when you’d have kids, who’d selflessly notice something like that and would go out of his way to help that person and would do it peacefully without making it a big deal. It was later, when Montie’s coach and the athletic director of the other school had mentioned it publicly.

Montie’s coach had mentioned that he was very proud of the kid for his action and that it’d made their entire community look good. He’d told the reporters that the kid had got a big heart.