Guy Went From Being 308 Pounds To 151 In Just One Year

There comes a dire need to transform one's self when someone thinks they have had enough. Ruibosu, a Japanese YouTuber had the same feeling when he reached 308 pounds and knew that it was the time to take the situation in his own hands.

He began his journey a year ago and since then, has traveled a way long to reach to, where he is today. He also started documenting his fat loss journey and showed regular updates on his YouTube channel. He was always riveted to his routine and took proper care of his diet and fitness regime, which comprised mostly of weight lifting, planks, kickboxing, and sit-ups. Above all, Ruibosu didn’t miss this routine even if it was raining someday.

With this determination, he kept on going for the next 3 months and the loss in his weight was conspicuous with his transforming lifestyle. His weight had dropped to 238 pounds but this just wasn’t the conclusion; there’s more to it. The journey continued until he had literally lost half of his initial body weight. A year later, he released a 3-minute video showing every bit of hard work he did. Not only it shows the steps of his journey, but it also motivates everyone to make their dreams come true by being sanguine.

In just one year, his entire lifestyle has turned the other way, from weighing 308 pounds to becoming an inspiration for others who still find it hard to change their mind. Moreover, to help people like him, he has now started streaming live sessions on YouTube and shares all his workout tips as well. As a matter of fact, this transformation wasn’t just a single occurrence, he would keep it going for the rest of his life. In the middle of it, there came some hindrances though. Ruibosu couldn’t easily control his appetite and found it tough to manage for the first 2 months.

To sum it up, sticking to the training plan is the ultimate key. Ruibosu made his significant mark by losing 5kgs every month. In the end, this 5 ft 6 in man weighed 151 pounds, most of which was due to his increased muscles. Plus, his body fat percentage also dropped from 42.9% to a whopping 18.6%. In addition, people could easily notice the change in his looks. He has now become extremely good looking, which is mostly visible due to his improved facial features, especially the sharp jawline.

As this source of inspiration came up on the Internet, it continued to motivate others. As for a guy who was once 120 kg, this became another reason to resume his journey when he had fallen back to his old lifestyle after the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although he had managed to get to 90 at the beginning of this year, being stuck at home made him lose interest. Just by watching Ruibosu’s video, he has now vowed to keep up his dream of losing weight, even if he has to stick to his home workouts only.