Free Tickets To Home For Runaway Kids By Greyhound Lines

There is a social program run by Greyhound Bus service in partnership with National Runaway Safeline (NRS) where they offer free bus tickets to the kids who have fled home. This program intends to bring back the family together. The program is called "Home Free".

Greyhound bus service connects three thousand and eight hundred cities across the country.This program offers children and teens with a free ticket to their home.

According to the NRS, a federal runaway and homeless youth crisis service, every year more than one and a half million children and teens run away from homes. This is about six and a half percent of the population. Most of the reasons for these kids to run away are family dynamics, abuse and financial problems at home. Such problems may push the children into depression or may create so much negativity in them that they might choose to flee.

Though there are times when children might come into some sense or are forced to go back home. At such times, the children may opt for this program. They can get a free bus ticket under the program to the city where they have their home. As per the last survey, around four hundred children including teens each year return home with the help of free ticket.

Started in 1987, this program has been ongoing for more than three decades. As per the 2017 press release of the company, it has provided free service to over two hundred thousand youth and their family members across the States.

There are a few requirements for the child or teen to fulfill to avail of the offer. The child, teen or young adult will be required to call the NRS Hotline; toll-free 1-800-RUNAWAY or (1-800-786-2929). The age of the child or teen shall be between 12 and 21. The child or teen must have been registered under a missing report and be willing to reunite with the family. The program will be valid for a maximum of two times for the same person. If the child is below 15 then a free ticket will be issued to the parent or the legal guardian as well.

Greyhound offers various other programs as well. It offers discounted offers or free tickets to those in need. It further runs programs for veterans who have to travel for veteran affairs. In partnership with the Red Cross, it provides buses during disasters and other emergencies. For more details on the same, you may visit their website.

It is fair for us to say that Greyhound is surely fulfilling its social obligations. The company has strong ethics and believes in returning the society in any manner possible. Making money is important but helping the society to become a better place to live is more important. And Greyhound surely motivates us to return the society. After all, we use the resources of the society.