For When You Thrive By Having A Sense Of Control

Ever came across a situation where you couldn’t hold up the stack of your devastating emotions but you just got swamped away with it. Now, when that happens, the first thing to strike your senses is the feeling that you should have had control over yourself.

Well, this was just an instance that supports the fact that we long to have control in our own hands. Obviously, if you can control certain aspects of your life, then you can take it to the heights in no time. Sounds good, right? Because you’d be able to eradicate anger, procrastination and what not? All of those things that impede your way to a prosperous life.

However, it’s not true. In reality, keeping control of everything isn’t something that fits our capability. And you know it well, isn’t it? You don’t know what’s gonna happen next. Maybe we are happy at the moment but with just a blink of an eye, our life can turn upside down because there is uncertainty in the future.

Moreover, if you lose that control in any situation, you would regret after you do that. There are circumstances where you’re likely to lose your control and it’s okay. The more you try to drag yourself out of that uncontrollable instinct, the more it swallows you. Our mind gets agitated during this moment but you need to settle it down. You have no idea what difference a decision is going to bring in your life.

So, let it flow because if we’ll focus on controlling ourselves all the time, I’m sure we’d be cursing ourselves more often. Just imagine a world where you’re able to control everything that comes your way. Don’t you think that your life would become boring? Because then, you can easily tackle every hindrance without any hassle. And that sweeps away the fun part because there are going to be no challenges.

No matter how hard you try, some things aren’t meant to be in your control. Stop fixing them up. It happens when you expect something to happen the way you want and this is where the misery introduces itself. Stop expecting. Let it be a surprise.