Father Drove 1000 Miles To Have Lunch With Daughter On Her Birthday

A father-daughter bond is always a special one. A father traveled 1000 miles in a day just to wish his daughter on her birthday and spent just half an hour with her.

The father, a realtor, Julio Cesar Segura aged 53 was on the road for a determined 17 hours. He started his journey from his home in El Paso, Texas to Austin, Texas where his daughter was living. One-way drive was about eight and a half hours.

His daughter, Diana Segura Lerma born on May 8th always celebrated the big day with her father. Though this year on her 19th birthday, she could have missed this opportunity. The current pandemic situation could have broken the streak. Anyhow, this didn’t stop the father to wish his daughter in person. The total trip back and forth was 1,152 miles in total.

Diana had no clue about her father’s surprise. During the day, Diana received a call from Julio where he wished her a happy birthday. On the call, Julio pretended to order her favorite takeaway treat. Diana thought her father would order her the meal through uber eats but little did she know about the in-person delivery by her father. When she opened her door, she was surprised to see her father instead of a delivery man.

Julio showed at the doorstep with his daughter’s favorite treat, a spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A with pepper jack cheese, buffalo sauce, and mayonnaise. He had a few balloons and a board that read happy birthday. Diana received her favorite meal since her first birthday and her father never missed a single birthday. The most unbelievable part of the surprise for Diana was that her father woke up at 3.30 am to make it on time for lunch.


Julio said that he left his home at 4.15 am. He was missing her and wanted to give her a surprise. He decided for the surprise just a day before Diana’s birthday. He wanted to make sure that his daughter had a great birthday.

The two kept social distance during their lunch. They took lunch on the terrace and being a few feet apart from each other. After half an hour, Julio hit the road again. It was very tough for Diana to meet her father after a few months and not being able to hug him. The last time they met was during the winter break. Not being able to hug her father, Diana was left a little sad. On the other hand, Julio was happy on his way back as he made sure that his daughter’s birthday was a great day.

Spending one’s birthday away from family during the pandemic is surely one of the most saddening things. Though is one thing we have to do to flatten the curve and save our loved ones. We congratulate those who are helping in doing so even on their special days.